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Hey Guys! How was your 4th of July? It’s nice to have a bit of a long weekend ey? Me? I spent my three-day weekend running around town for some errands and of course, visiting my local mall and hunting for a new cologne, a new signature scent, so off I went to a Jo Malone counter (which I have never ventured at before, but was always curious about what kind of scents they have) and I had fun testing their amazing array of scents. There were lots of wonderful scents to choose from, so as usual, I couldn’t really decide on a full size, so I went home with a few miniature sizes that I seemed to like, and a few samples as well.


Peony & Blush Suede Cologne & Body Creme: Gorgeous, gorgeous floral scent! I have smelled this in those peel-off magazine page that advertised Jo Malone’s new fragrance and I was smitten. From then on, I’ve always wanted to drop-by at a Jo Malone counter just to smell and try this scent again. There’s something fresh and sweet about this scent, while at the same time it has a blooming peony smell. Perhaps it’s the mixture of red apple, jasmine and rose that made this scent more of a fruity-floral tone. A little FYI, this scent might smell like strong wine upon spraying, but don’t let that discourage you, as the dry-down is lovely and amazing. Also, this scent lasts a long time, at least on me. Love this so much.


Blackberry & Bay Body Creme: Another favorite for sure. This has a perfect freshest scent ever. It smells like freshly-picked blackberries and early morning freshness of grass and woods, with perhaps, a bit of evergreens. It’s so different and refreshing at the same time. The only drawback is that, the creme didn’t last for more than an hour on me. Looking forward to trying the cologne in full size to actually see how long that will last on me. But the scent, oh my, gotta have one in my closet. 


English Pear & Freesia Cologne: One of the best and freshest pear scent I’ve tried so far. This scent also lingers on the fruity side and is not overpowering. It is definitely fresh and woody yet light. It kinda reminds me of Chloe perfumes, but on the lighter side. As with most Jo Malone colognes, this also didn’t last for more than an hour on me. 


Lime Basil & Mandarin: This scent is Strong, with a capital S. The smell of this reminds me of my next door neighbor’s garden. Full of lime, thyme, basil and other vegetable/spice-like plants. But this scent will definitely overwhelm your senses. It has a mix of lime, basil and mandarin, with some other aromatic or peppery ingredients, I am for certain that this is not the scent for me. Even as it dried down, still this wasn’t my cup of tea.

Overall, I really love the varieties of Jo Malone colognes. While some say that they don’t really last, but that’s always the case with most colognes, right? unless you’re buying an Eau de Parfum. However, I find that since there’s lots to choose from in this cologne range, you can always find one that suits your senses and body chemistry better, and there’s always some scents that tend to last longer than others. Or better yet, as the Jo Malone lady at the counter advised, you can always combine or layer their scents.


Are you a Jo Malone fan?


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