Hear Ye! Hear Ye! I am so excited for todays’ review. I am talking about one of the best matte lipstick line in town. Y’all know what I mean.


kat von d studded kiss lipstick


I admit I was never a fan of Kat Von D makeup before. I usually just bypass it whenever I visit my local Sephora. Since the Kylie Jenner lips phenomena, I have learned to appreciate matte lipsticks and loves it alot. It’s the perfect texture for my baboon-like lips (excuse the description, it’s for the lack of a better and more accurate term, actually) and those brownish-red-nude tones are just to die for.


kat von d studded lips


These lipsticks are extremely popular that their website and Sephora almost had no stock of them. I knew I had to wait for restocking to get the colors that I want because there were girls that were picking them like grapes, dayum! Finally, I got the best 4 that I was really eyeing for and here they are:


kat von d lolita studded kiss


kat von d studded lipstick in lolita swatchLolita This color is an OMFG!!! Great for any skintone and best for tanned girls! It’s a reddish brown matte color that brightens your entire face day or night. It’s hard to find this color because this seems to be the most popular one. This is my most favorite of all the studded kiss collection.


kat von d cathedral studded kiss


kat von d studded kiss in cathedral swatch Cathedral This is second in my rank. This is more brown than the Lolita shade. I just love how muted of a brown this is. It goes well with on an NC325-45 skintone without looking too much.


kat von d studded kiss in magick


kat von d studded kiss in magick swatchMagick This truly is magical. The color and texture of this lipstick surprised me a lot. It’s a muted matte pink loaded with glitters and surprise! it glides on smoothly like a non-matte lipstick. Of all the four reviewed here, this is the easiest one to apply. I just love it.


kat von d studded kiss in lovecraft


kat von d studded kiss lovecraft swatchLovecraft This is the first one that I purchased and fell in love with it instantly. It was love at first swipe! Yeah girl! For real… It’s like magick but without the glitter, perhaps lighter and less intense. I always stay away from pink lipsticks because they just don’t suit well on my skin, but this one’s a keeper. Never knew matte pinks can do wonders.


kat von d studded kiss lipstick swatch on arms


Just like with most matte lipsticks, there will be obvious lip lines, or lip dryness. Matte lipsticks are always harder to apply than the glossy ones, but with seeing how wearable these lippies are, not to mention their badass tube containers, girl, you better get up and buy it here