Hey There! Our review for today stems from my need to have a new pair of sneakers. Ever since Chanel released their tweed sneakers a few seasons ago, I was right then and there “in love.” But, mind you, this is not a Chanel tweed sneaker review, That sneaker will cost you 1/8th of your life. This sneaker that I’m gonna talk about is kinda like a dupe of that Chanel shoe, because gurl..life is hard, and your aunt is on a budget. ha!


kate spade sidney sneakers review
kate spade sidney sneakers


If you notice, there’s two sneakers here. You see, I’m one of those people who develops a “double vision”  when buying something. 🙂 especially when something is made of good quality. One is never good enough, and one can never have enough shoes. This double vision thing doesn’t always happen, but it occurs from time to time especially when I lilly lilly like an item. By like, I mean, I luuurrrve these sneakers! It’s like Chanel but not really Chanel, it looks expensive but not that expensive, it’s casual yet trendy, it’s cute and it’s really practical.


kate spade sidney black tweed
kate spade sidney in black/white tweed

kate spade sidney black


This is the Kate Spade Sidney in black/white tweed sneaker, size 7 1/2. Word of advice, it’s cute, but if you’re a true size 7 like me or anybody with a true full-size feet, please go 1/2 size up. This shoe runs small, and you’re gonna need some wiggle room, or else your feet are going to feel like a sausage. Bratwurst, much?


kate spade sidney blue navy
kate spade sidney in navy/silver tweed

kate spade sidney navy blue


This is the first one that I bought, and I felt like I made a slight mistake because I bought them in size 7. How was I to know? I needed an immediate, fashionable and affordable sneaker. A size 7 and 1/2 would have been much comfy but this was an online purchase and my gehhhd! this color and in sizes 7 or 7 and 1/2 were so hard to find and almost sold-out everywhere. It still is now.

At first, my feet felt like “lotus feet”. It looked like I was undergoing some “foot binding” 🙂 to prevent my feet from growing. It was quite uncomfortable at the beginning, and some of the other reviewers were right by saying that this is gonna take some breaking-in. Well, perhaps after walking maybe 3-5 miles, now they’re quite comfy. But you don’t need to go through such trauma, just buy them 1/2 size up. Problem solved.


kate spade sidney review


Regardless of their size issues, they’re really cute though. They look like sneakers with ribbons. I love the ribbon-like laces and their cute colors. It’s like when tweed and sneaker have a lovechild, and this is the affordable result. Speaking of affordable, they’re still “sort-of” on the expensive side. Their prices vary by size and color. You can buy it here


Kate Spade Sidney Sneakers