louis vuitton cassis shawl


Winter is not over yet! It’s only getting started, specially when you have a shawl this goooooorgeous!  Words camera cannot describe the beautiful color of this shawl. Sometimes it’s reddish light purple on broad daylight, sometimes it’s bluish dark purple in dim lights. Amazing!!!


louis vuitton monogram shawl
here it is with Mr. Snowman


I’ve always wanted this for months now, specially when I saw this on youtube and I knew this is gonna be my first LV monogram shawl. Heck, it came with a hefty price tag, but it’s so worth it. The material and its soft texture is to-die-for. So if you’re like me, like “you gotta work hard for it, honey”, then better save now, as in now! urgent! but don’t wait ’till it’s out of stock.


louis vuitton cassis scarf review


This color just goes well with everything, whether you’re fair-skinned or tanned, it’s such a great pop of color for winter, plus the maximum warmth. Mind you, this scarf/shawl is huge! very versatile, be it casual or dressy. Some stores may not carry this yet, as I believe this was a new color for 2016, although this was also released a few years back. The best thing about this shawl is the discreetness of it. I don’t really like the big LV logo brandishing around my neck, so a classic monogram shawl is always a good option. Actually, I lurve this so much that I’m thinking of buying the Baby Rose color. Oh my, there’s nothing that haunts us like the things we didn’t buy. My soul cannot rest in peace. 🙂


lv monogram cassis scarf


You can buy this shawl at a cheaper price here