If you have a fancy-looking flat iron and you’re so scared of scratching it nor damaging it, then you must have owned or have been searching for a reliable good quality flat iron case or pouch. Enter Lug Clipper Flat Iron Case, after a long exhaustive product search online for a robust and functional flat iron pouch.


lug clipper iron pouch


This flat iron case is not only cute and well-made, but it’s also well-thought-out. You don’t need to wait for your styler to cool down, you can just insert it into the sleeve and go. It’s made to fit on standard flat irons, especially GHD’s.


lug flat iron with ghd eclipse


Once the styler is inside, the cord is then secured outside with a velcro wrapped around the case. Easy, nice and clean. It also comes with a hook at the bottom for easy hanging of the sleeve or you can use the drawstring cord to hang it. It makes it easy to store and keeps things tidy.


lug clipper case velcro fasten


lug clipper case


The material of this pouch is pretty sturdy and treated with a water-repellent finish. It comes in different colors and also in quilted pattern. A great alternative to ghd’s heat-resistant mat, since that product is hard to find nowadays.


lug clipper flat iron case back view


lug clipper flat iron pouch top


You can purchase this pouch here

Flat Iron used in this review is GHD Eclipse, a review of this flat iron can be found here.