mac satin lipsticks review


Hey there MAC addicts! I’m not talking about MAC like Apple, but MAC like Make-up Art Cosmetics. I know almost of us love M.A.C. They have such great products without being too expensive. Me, personally, I haven’t bought a MAC product that I didn’t like. Perhaps I might get slightly disappointed with a few colors, but MAC has always been reliable, well-pigmented, and overall, has good quality, not to mention its wonderful customer service.


mac lipstick review satin


We’ve all been kinda crazy with all the matte lipsticks craze lately. MAC has wonderful selection of Matte colors, and they never disappoint. After all, they’re Kylie Jenner’s favorite. But, how about the Satin line? they’re like Matte but not so Matte. They’re not as drying compared to their other cousin, yet they look Matte when applied. Application-wise, they glide better and very pigmented. It smells the same as any other MAC lipsticks.




mac satin swatches on lips


MAC Satin Amorous – Mauvish Light Fuchsia Pink. Lighter than Captive. Has a cute pinkish                        fuchsia hue. Great for everyday wear, specially during summer. Could also be worn for the evening. Well-pigmented and glides easily on lips. Great on ladies with lighter tone.

MAC Satin Brave – Light Pink Beige with very very slight shimmer. Another great for light-skinned ladies. It’s kind of a nude tone to my NC30 skin,with pigmented baboon lips. 🙂 I like this color even if it’s on the lighter side since it doesn’t contrast much with my skin tone.

MAC Satin Del Rio – Plum Brown. The name says it. Kind of a brick red color, great for ladies with tan to darker tones.  Very much like what Brazilian gals would wear. I like it but it’s a bit slightly too dark for me. It’s definitely lighter than Verve but not much. I would use this for evening occasions.


mac satin lipstick review


MAC Satin Faux – Muted Mauve Light Pink. Another nude and light color that’s different from Brave. This one has no shimmer and appears bright and a little washed-out on my lips. I don’t dislike it though because it doesn’t completely make my lips look pale. It’s great when paired with smoky eyes.

MAC Satin Twig – Muted Brownish Pink. This? I love. It’s the right kind of color for my lips. Not too bright, not too dark. Not too brown, not too pink. Blends well with pigmented or non-pigmented lips enough to make it look natural. Works for any skin tones.

MAC Satin Verve – Dark Brown Plum. This is dark. Too dark and too brown for me. I wouldn’t wear this for daytime. It’ll make me look like I live in Transylvania. It’s not ugly though, but if you have an NC30 skin, girl…hold your horses, keep it for the big night. Dark toned girls? you’ll make this work.


mac satin lipsticks swatches


MAC Satin Captive – Dark Fuchsia Plum. This color is more muted and darker than Amorous. Too much Fuchsia on me, so I’d wear this when it’s bright and sunny. It’s a beautiful and bright color, if you love dark pink lips. This can work for any skin tones.

MAC Satin Mocha – light Peach/Coral Yellowish Light Brown. There’s just something about this color. It’s really like a mocha, but much more beautiful than its coffee-like comparison. I was bit not sure about this color, as I didn’t know how it would translate on my lips. But once I tried it, I was sold. It’s different, unique and very interesting. It’s orangey, yellowish brown that doesn’t look intrusive but complements on your lips very well. Actually, this is my most complemented MAC lipstick and my second favorite of all the MAC satin line.

MAC Retro – Peach Pinkish Brown. This color suits its name well. Appears slightly darker on my lips, but still very wearable and quite retro. It is lighter than verve, but more peachy and not as brownish compared to Del Rio. This is still ideal for tanned girls, but might work for lighter tones, specially for night events.



Arm Swatch


mac satin arm swatches


A word of advice: you notice me mentioning “ideal for this skin tone…this and that…” well, let me tell you “If you love a particular lipstick, it doesn’t matter what tone you are, wear it and rock it like it’s nobody’s business.” Okie dokie? Ciao friends!