mardigras rose review


One of the most mysterious rose growing in my garden is Mardi Gras. Words cannot describe how striking and how interesting this one of a kind rose. 

It’s a fast blooming floribunda with dark green foliage that’s somewhat much more resistant to disease than others. Has a slight lemon-pepper scent that can grow rather tall and bushy. The bud itself is tall, very well-formed ovoid and pointy that’s very similar to a hybrid tea. 


rosa mardigras rosebud


But the most intriguing thing about this particular rose is how mysterious it can get. Its petals changes color as it blooms and opens everyday. It’s indeed festive like a mardi gras. Even its shape changes into a flattened fan-shaped flower. 

First, the bud of this rose starts yellow at the base and then orangey at the top. Then as it opens, it becomes more like a dark orange tone. As it reaches its full bloom, the petals became more pink while having some yellow-orange gradients at the base.


rosa mardigras


This rose has the orange shade of Living easy and the pinkish tone of Hot Cocoa, while having the same full-bloom shape of Cinco de Mayo. It is indeed amazing and mysterious, plus, easy to grow and slightly less fussy.


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