Whaddup 7 Up! The rose that I’m gonna talk about today is a rose named after my great, great, great grandfather, twice removed then added. He’s none other than my beloved grandpa Abe. Lol! joke! ambitious b*tch! I’m just kidding…hahaha

This rose, Mister Lincoln, is named in honor of President Abraham Lincoln. A beautiful hybrid tea rose that sets the standard for the ideal red fragrant roses out there.


mister lincoln rose


Gorgeous beyond your wildest dreams! This rose boasts a big, beautiful, high-centered blooms, in fact, the biggest blooms I’ve ever seen. It has velvety petals and has long stalks. It has one of the deepest darkest green foliage that’s quite resistant to blackspot and powdery mildew. Its citrusy fragrance will make you smelling for more.


rosa mister lincoln


The flower itself sports striking red petals, although, one caveat, this rose may turn pink or slightly pink if you plant it in clayish (alkaline soil). Not a big deal if the slight color change won’t bother you. For me, it slightly does, but what I do is, I usually put some flower food or try to acidify the soil so as not to completely change the petal’s color.


mr lincoln rose


Another thing to pay attention to is that this rose tends to open fast under direct bright sun. Its buds may not stay close for some time, but its scent stays forever in your garden. The plant is about 1 meter or more in height and is hardy from zone 5 to 9. It tends to bloom early summer ’till early fall.


If there’s one rose that I would not be tempted to euthanize and would want to keep planting, it’s probably this one. This is a delight to have and is sure to brighten your garden.