If you’re tired cooking of turkey for Thanksgiving, then there’s definitely an escape. Instead of cooking the turkey in the oven for hours and hours, and sometimes not even making it right, some people just dine somewhere to be practical, especially if you’re orphan or not expecting families on Thanksgiving. What better way than to go to a restaurant that offers Thanksgiving meal! Mitchell’s Fish Market is one of those restaurants, for sure. But you’re probably wondering why a fish-themed restaurant sells turkey? I dunno, but they do and I’m all in, at least to try.

You can choose from two menus, the usual menu or the Thanksgiving menu. Obviously, you’d pick the Thanksgiving menu, because it’s Thanksgiving and you’re gunning for the turkey. The Thanksgiving menu is actually a three-course meal that starts with soup, entrée, and dessert. My apologies for not taking pictures of the soup, I was darn hungry. If my memory serves me right, you can choose a clam chowder or ceviche, there might be another kind, but I’m not sure. The soup itself already makes you feel full. Plus they’ll give you a free small bread.

Now let’s get down to the entrees. You can’t choose here, you’ll just get the turkey with all the trimmings. When they brought the plate, my first reaction was “not much turkey?”, well, there’s only two slices of turkey, I mean thin slices but large. I was worried that I might still feel hungry. I thought I would get a turkey leg or wings or even chest, or maybe at least some skin? But none. Looks like a thin slice in the thigh or chest. The best part is the cranberry side-dish, and the mashed red skin potato is not bad either. There’s not much gravy, but at the end of this second meal, I was full.


mitchell's fish market turkey dinner


mitchell's fish market thanksgiving dinner with trimmings


There are three kinds of desserts, namely: Crème Brûlée, Sharkfin Pie and good ol’ Pumpkin Pie. Here’s two of them:


mitchell's fish market thanksgiving dinner dessert

Pumpkin Pie


mitchell's fish market shark fin pie dessert

Sharkfin Pie


Sharkfin Pie is the best, love the butter fudge ice cream with honey roasted peanuts, peanut butter, and Oreo cookie crust. Pumpkin pie is so-so.

VERDICT: For $27.99 you get a three-course meal (not including drinks). It’s not bad, but it’s not that good either. I just wish Mitchell’s Fish Market had put more turkey in the dinner, afterall, that’s what people came for. As usual, their customer service is good, and the food was delicious, but if you know how to cook turkey and do it well, you might as well be better off by doing it yourself, at least you’ll enjoy a full turkey and have some leftovers for the next day.


These foods are available at your nearest Mitchell’s Fish Market Restaurant.