nars blushes review

I’ve been a Nars fan ever since Francois Nars launched his first makeup collection. And as I’ve said before, there wasn’t a Nars purchase that I regret. Such is my adoration for Nars makeup.

These Nars blushes that I’m about to review are my favorite and I’ve been using for a couple of years now. I’ve repurchased them several times, while some I’ve reacquired through samples and promos. I have a few more blushes in my stash, but these are the ones that I keep on using because I consider them as my few yet holy grail blush shades.

I have yet to try some other blushes from different brands, though I admit that my personal collection of makeup do not involve hoarding tons of blushes because I’m not much of a blush person. As you can see in my blog, I’m more of a lipstick junkie. Know why? my face is pretty much ruled by my cheeks, hehehe, as in hello there Chrissy Teigen, so I have a tendency to not put or apply only a little bit of blush on so as not to overemphasize my cheeks. Also, I tend to have redness on my face from time to time, thus the reason for less love on blushes. How about you? any holy grail blush shades you like? or you can recommend? 


Here’s mine:


(FYI: Some Nars cosmetics are known for having provocative names, while I think it’s fierce and funny, some may find it shocking and inappropriate. Please don’t be. Their products are great.)
nars blush in deep throat


Nars Blush in Deep ThroatPeach with shimmer. What a name! Very Linda Lovelace much. I didn’t know about this shade until one Southeast Asian actress was in such a rave for this. So off I tried it in Sephora just for curiosity’s sake and voila! love at first try. I love how subtle and sheer it is. In fact, it almost doesn’t show up on my skin, which is good, because I already have the hulk hands, plus the ginormous cheeks and the occasional redness. It is described as sheer but I kinda see a bit of soft pink undertone in there, and on my skin, it’s a blend of soft peach and very very light pink.


nars blush orgasm

Nars Blush in OrgasmPeachy pink with shimmer. My first ever Nars blush and the ever-popular one. I remember when I first purchased this at Sephora, I told the S.A that I’m looking for that popular blush from Nars. Of course I knew the name, but I didn’t want to utter it because there were lot of people around, and the S.A. was like “oh yeah, The Orgasm?!!!” in a freakin’ loud voice, and I was like, (in a demure-effect,) smiled and said “um, yeah, I think that’s the one…” suddenly, them ignorant witchez behind me were like “what? orgasm? wahahahaha, wahehehehe.” What a laugh trip at Sephora that day was… Anyhow, this blush is extremely popular because it’s indeed the perfect peach-pink shade with some gold shimmer. It’s very universally flattering for anyone and everyone. Also, it’s soft, sheer and gives you that radiant healthy look. For me, the Nars Orgasm is the best blush shade for someone with a medium-tone skin.



nars blush goulue review

Nars Blush in Goulue – I like to call this Glue. Not Elmer’s Glue, not Gorilla Glue, but just Glue. A gorgeous rosy shade blush that I think is slightly more pigmented compared to Nars Orgasm and Deep Throat but sans shimmer. I’ve had this before as a travel size too, and now I have it again as a Sephora VIB Rouge Member. I usually use this during winter months or during those days when I feel anemic and pale. LOL! I love this shade a lot because it’s muted yet pigmented enough for my skin tone. Even if it looks like a warm mauve shade, it’s still very wearable and not very dark. I think that this is also universally flattering, and if you’re tired of shimmery blushes, this one’s meant for you. Just don’t overdo it or else it’ll look like your eczema or rosacea is flaring up. 🙂


Swatches on skin:

nars blush swatches


If you like these blushes, they’re available HERE and HERE.




Alrighty my friends, ’till I review again…Cheers!




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