nars duo eyeshadow review


Raise your eyebrows if you like eyeshadows!!! 🙂 raise them even higher if you like Francois Nars’ eyeshadow!!! 🙂 You read that right, today we’re gonna be talking about my Nars duo eyeshadow collection and review. Let me tell you, I love Nars, so much so that most of my beauty products are from Nars. I truly love their quality and I think they’re one of the few cosmetics company who truly stand with their products. Only problem is, they’re on the expensive side. sigh…

Their duo eyeshadows are to die for. I have been hoarding them for some years. In fact, some of my collections featured here might already obsolete by now.  They come in a mirrored compact packaging that has two crease-proof eye shadows that complements each other. They are indeed long wearing and they never creased on me. I still use a lid primer though. The lid primer I’m currently using is this. 

These eyeshadows are richly pigmented, with cute coordinating color combinations, expertly chosen by Mr. Francois Nars himself. They can be worn together or you can pick just one. They can also be used either wet or dry, and can function as eyeliners. Love it!


Now let’s get on with the swatches and reviews!!!


  • Earth Angel – Bronzed Taupe Shimmer | Olive Shimmer. This truly a very earthy color that will complement any skin tone. However, I think this would work really well with slightly tanned or tanned skin tones. I think of this as the color of a moss. Woody and earthy.
  • Habanera – Mint Green Shimmer | Glimmering Charcoal Plum. The mint green actually looks more like a very very faint, green-metallic-silver. It almost looked silver on my NC30 skin. The charcoal plum looks quite more plum with very few hints or charcoal, although it kinda blend slightly on my skin. They’re both shimmery.
  • Persepolis – Shimmering Sea Green | Regal Blue. This reminds me of the color of the sea. Very mermaid-like. So if you want to look like a sea horse, go with this. 🙂 The Sea Green is on the metallic side, but it’s very gorgeous. Both are slightly shimmery.
  • Star Sailor – Heather Gold | Antique Bronze. I still wonder why they chose the name Star Sailor…hmmm…. All I could think of is “Sailor Moon?” but nah…doubt it. It’s a weird color combo. The heather gold looked yellow on my skin. But the Antique Bronze is very wearable.
  • Isolde – Frosted Ginger | Shimmering Copper. This was love at first sight. The colors are so golden and very Cleopatra-like. I just love how the combo complemented each other. The Frosted Ginger is like powdered gold and is much more shimmery than the Shimmering Copper.
  • Scorching SunGlazed Apricot | Orange with Delicate Sheen. I’d like to think of this as the lighter and brighter version of Nars’ Isolde. However, when applied, I almost couldn’t discern them apart on my skin. They also looked quite watermelon-ish. Once worn, you will definitely look like you have been scorched by the sun. 🙂 Surprisingly, it still looks cute and wearable.
  • Jolie Poupee – Matte Lavender | Violet Shimmer. My first impression was “this is so cute!” that’s because one of my favorite color is purple, aside from pink. So, if you like those color ranges, you’re gonna love this. The combo also complements each other well. Matte and Shimmer. Perfection! P.S. The Violet Shimmer is one of the best I’ve seen.
  • Kuala Lumpur – Rose Gold | Boysenberry Infused with Gold. Southeast Asian ladies out there raise your hands! I truly believe that this color is made for them gorgeous Southeast Asian gals out there. The combo seems to complement well on a tanned skin. But, I’ve seen fair skinned ladies who looked really great on this. The Rose Gold tone works well on any skin tone, although it looks too close to my skin. The Boysenberry is cute and unique. Overall, I truly love this for an everyday eye makeup look.
  • Misfit Shimmering Ecru | Rich Emerald Green. This is the color I would like to love but didn’t love me back. Sigh.. The Shimmering Ecru didn’t show much on my NC30 skin. Also, it looked more matte. The Rich Emerald Green is really rich and beautiful, but for some reason, I couldn’t seem to pull this one off.  However, this might be a good alternative to Nars’ Persepolis. I will still give this a try, specially during St. Patrick’s Day. Hah!
  • MediteraneeMuted Gold Shimmer | Burnt Orange Shimmer. To me, this is what Nars’ Scorching Sun should be. A perfect distinction between light gold and orange gold. The Muted Gold Shimmer didn’t appear very shimmery on my skin, yet very wearable and complements the Burn Orange Shimmer which is gorgeous and reminded me of Nars’ Isolde.
  • Rated R – Chartreuse Green Shimmer | Cobalt Blue Shimmer. Peacock much? Sorta, yeah. Of all the shades here, this is probably the most challenging for me to wear. It’s so bold, bright and beautiful. Very Rihanna much, indeed. The colors are so daring, that you can definitely wear this during the hot summer days. The colors do complement each other, and the Chartreuse Green Shimmer is more like a neon yellow green shimmer that is “oh so” out of this world beautiful. The Cobal Blue Shimmer is a deep dark blue with slightly less shimmer than the Chartreuse Green.


Arm Swatch:


nars earth angel nars habanera

nars duo eyeshadow in persepolis and star sailor

nars duo eyeshadow in scorching sun, isolde and jolie poupee

nars duo eyeshadow in misfit, kuala lumpur, rated r and mediteranee


There is very minimal fallout on these beautiful and bright eyeshadows. I truly recommend them, as they work really well for me. 


My personal favorites are: Kuala Lumpur, Earth Angel, Mediteranee, Habanera, and Isolde.


nars eyeshadow review