Say hello to the weirdest and craziest earring trend nowadays. I’m talking about ear cuffs, double-pearls, and ear jackets. It’s fun, it’s weird, it’s tribal, it’s unique, it’s interesting and most of all, it’s very fashionable.


nordstrom earring ariella collection


nordstrom ear jacket ariella jewelry review



Nordstrom has some good stuff when it comes to these fashionable trendy earrings. For some reason, their affordable jewelries seem to be pretty and well-made, and surprise, no allergies or ear itchiness for me.


nordstrom ariella collection ear jacket earrings review


Take a look at Ariella Jewelry’s ear jacket collection. It’s so gorgeous and sparkly. The pearl and gold combo looks formal yet funky. So unique and sparks curiosity.


nordstrom ariella collection pearl ear jacket review


The silver pavé ear jacket is also very sparkly and well-polished. It seems well-made and crafted perfectly. Will definitely draw attention to your face.


nordstrom ariella collection silver ear jackets review


You can also mix and match these earrings by exchanging their studs, which will give a lot of options and looks to choose from, pretty cool, huh?


ariella jewelry ear jackets at nordstrom review


If you want pretty sturdy earrings for less than $40 with a unique design that makes people wonder as to “What’s wrong with your ears?” or just a simple “What kind of earrings are those?”, then these are the right edgy and fashion-forward earrings for you. You can also buy something similar here.