Or-Bay! Allure Magazine’s Best Beauty Products of 2014, this heat protectant spray is indeed to die for. It’s one of the best and most luxurious heat protectant sprays in the market with a high-end perfumey smell. The scent is sooo vavavooom! forget your favorite perfume, just spray this on your damp hair prior to using a hair dryer or flat iron and you’re gonna smell like royalty. The texture is wonderful, not oily, more like a serum and blends into hair right away. It protects your hair from extreme heat and adds a glossy finish while locking your hairstyle down. Some said that it even retained their hairstyle for the next day.


oribe royal blowout heat protectant spray


Something to look out for is the packaging of the product. It is made of heavy black/opaque glass bottle sprayer, which looks really nice but then you will have no idea how much of the product’s content is in there, if it had been used or not, or how much is left of the product.

You might suspect that there seems to be a lot less serum inside, and for its price, OMG, you have to make sure that it hasn’t been used. One thing to make sure is to check the fluid ounces that the product claims and then weigh it with a simple food scale. If it weighs the same or more with what the product says, then you’re fine.


oribe royal blowout heat spray


Overall, it’s a very good heat protectant, I highly recommend it, but the drawback is the price. This heat protectant spray is available here

If you have very long hair and you use heat protectant almost every day, then you might as well try other heat protectants out there, like allure’s another best of beauty 2014 Living Proof Restore Instant Protection, for a good quality heat protectant at a much cheaper price.