Meow there friends! have you ever felt like you need to cut your vacation time in half just so you can go back home and see your furry friends? I do, and it’s hard. If only I could take my pets with me anywhere and everywhere, you know…it’s not easy. It’s even harder if you won’t be able to see them for your entire vacation days, even months would be worst. It’s already hard enough for them to not see you or not being able to interact with you as well.

In my part, since I’m a control freak, a self-proclaimed camera fanatic, I have truly made up my mind that having a camera, even just a simple one will give me enough peace knowing that my cats are gonna be just fine. Not seeing them or them not being able to hear my voice would be just a torture.


petcube review


As I said, I would have been just fine with a simple camera, not necessarily having any audio would work just fine, and one-way audio will be already a luxury. I just need to see my pets. Well, in all honesty, Dropcam did that for me, at least for some time. In fact, Dropcam is two-way audio monitoring camera that completely satisfied me. Yet, Dropcam is another story. One day, I was sitting watching TV, and I saw this advertisement about the things you can buy to make your pets happy, and it was part of those interesting gadgets of the year. So off I went and ordered Petcube.


petcube pet camera review


The moment you leave your pets alone at home, you know it’s all gonna be up to the cat sitter. Most likely, he/she will be so in a hurry to go home after feeding your pets, so no more play play. That’s when Petcube solves the issue. Because, even if you’re not at home, you can still play with your pets and they can still hear you and vice versa. The interaction will still be there, sans your presence.

No, it’s not like dropcam. Petcube is a square aluminum-housed gadget about 4x4x4 inches in size, with a 138 degree angle camera streaming a 720 p video. It has a two-way audio stream through built-in microphone and speaker, with a built-in laser that is safe for pets. It also has motion and sound detection notifications that you can access through its app that’s android or iOS compatible. The device itself can be connected to your home wi-fi. In other words, this gadget functions as a camera to see your pet and has laser to play with them by using their app on your phone. It has other perks, and using it is fairly easy.


cat with petcube


Through its app, you can also share your camera to others and you can even invite them to play with your pets when you won’t be able to. You can also checkout some pets and play with them if their owners allow it. Apart from the added motion and sound detection, the only drawback I found is that, compared to Dropcam, (a monitoring-only camera) Petcube’s resolution is not on par. Also, Petcube has no night vision feature, while Dropcam has. Sometimes, calibrating the laser can be quite difficult and it also lags while playing with your pets from time to time. Other than that, this really solves my problem of not being able to interact or play with my cats while I’m away. A monitoring-only camera is not enough, because sometimes you need to distract your pets from doing what they’re doing, and it’s hard when you can only watch from a distance and can’t do anything.


petcube how to install


Upon receiving your first Petcube, follow these simple installation steps:

1. Install Petcube App on your smartphone

2. Connect Petcube to a power source

3. Complete registration process through a mobile application

4. Follow the LED light notifications:

yellow – completing startup sequence, loading

green – wi-fi setup mode

white – online, stand-by mode

blue – play mode


Have fun playing with your furbabies!


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