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What’s the matter peanut butter? Β Somebody’s been having fun lately, because he’s got a new toy! To find out which one, well, let’s take a closer look at this newly purchased toy from none other thanΒ 

I have been eyeing this toy for quite some time now. I kinda like its aesthetics and it seems like it would really brighten up the day of my fat, lazy and sleepy cats. As soon as Amazon decreased the price, I immediately added this PetSafe Cheese Toy to my shopping cart and since I’m an Amazon Prime Member, Voila! after 2 days, I received the toy and off I went into unboxing. Btw, Amazon is a great place to buy cat toys at a much cheaper price, and it’s a lot better if you’re a prime member, so you’ll receive your item lightning fast. If you’re not a prime member yet, click HERE. Trust me, prime membership is still worth it. πŸ™‚ and oh yeah! don’t forget, PRIME Day is tomorrow. So hurry up!

This “cheese lookalike” cat toy works like a peek-a-boo toy for cats. It has two holes, one on each side in which every hole has a mouse coming in and out. It’s cute and it’s funny, and can definitely accommodate two cats playing on each side.Β 


petsafe cheese cat toy


This toy’s play session lasts for about 10-15 minutes, in which after that, it’ll automatically turns itself off. It also runs on three AA batteries, which were not included in the package. You can also program the toy for “play while you’re away.” By that, meaning this toy will automatically starts another play session after 2 hours of the last interactive play and then anotherΒ session 2 hours after that.Β 

Verdict: My cats loved this toyΒ at the beginning, but once my smart cat figured it out, he got bored and left. While my other cat, the absent-minded one, had a lot of fun hunting the mouse and is still enjoying it nowadays. I think this is a pretty simple andΒ straightforward toy designed to make your life easier by not making your cats rely on you during their playtime. While I like the concept, I just wish that the mice were not coming out in the same cheese hole, so as to prolong the pets interest and minimize boredom.

So which catΒ has been having fun? It’s Frodo “Dodo!!!”

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