One of the things I am thankful for nowadays, specially with regards to the skin care department, is the fact that¬†there’s already a couple of available in-home facial products that we can use to help maintain, or if not, save our faces. Yes, I mean “save,” because girl, with all the stress in the world, our face needs saving. For real. It’s not enough that you put your best foot forward, girl..I’d say, put your best face forward. Think of it as your shield, and it better be “be-you-tiful.”


philosophy the microdelivery peel


So yeah, back to the topic, yes, there are really good in-home facial products nowadays, and by good, I mean, very good. One of them is my favorite from Philosophy. It’s called The Microdelivery Peel, which basically works like an in-home, quick, painless, and money-saving microdermabrasion. Don’t have time for facials? dermas? too expensive? well, you won’t regret this.


the microdelivery peel review


It’s a two-step process, which is relatively quick and easy to use. They are on the expensive side, but they last a long time, and will eventually save you money compared to your regular facials. You can use it twice or once a week, depending on your skin condition. Yes, it does work on any skin types, it’s great for acne skin or even for people with perfect no-fuss skin. It works to clean your skin by exfoliating the dead skin cell, thus resurfacing the bacteria and whatever exorcisms you have on your skin. It will, in turn, give you that smooth, youthful I just-went-to-the-most-expensive-derma-in-town face. ūüôā


the microdelivery peel review

Step 1: Vitamin C/Peptide Resurfacing Crystals – Before you put this on, make sure that your face is dry. Not dry like California drought dry, but dry like towel-dry. Know why? coz this won’t stick if your face is wet. It has crystal-like granules, FYI. You don’t even have to cleanser-wash your face¬†prior to applying this. This thing smells really good, now, don’t get too excited, don’t eat it. Yeah I know it smells like orange, which is really the best part of it, because it’s full of Vitamin C, and¬†it’s really good and beneficial for your skin as an antioxidant. So spread this all over your face for 1 minute, until you look jaundiced. Then STOP, do not scrub, not yet, hands off! Read the next step, if you won’t, I’ll haunt you.:-)


philosophy the microdelivery salicylic acid activating peel review

Step 2:Lactic/Salicylic Acid Activating Gel – This is the ringleader of the two. This works as an activator, which means it activates, lol. Yeah right… Basically, without this, the vitamin c crystal won’t work. This is a gel-like consistency that you have to spread all over your face after having the vitamin c crystals sitting on your face for 1 full minute.¬†You can rub/scrub while spreading this on your face. Use only a few drops. You have to let it sit on your face for 2-3 minutes, and during that time, you “may” feel a slight tingling or warm sensation on your face. Some people did, some people didn’t, me? I didn’t, because I have a face made of stone. ūüôā After 2-3 minutes, wash and feel the difference. You can then apply whatever creams/toners you have. I love this because we all know what Salicylic Acid is, it’s one of those¬†Acne Killers.


philosophy the microdelivery two step facial review


Overall, I’m rating it as 9 out 10 being one of the best in-home facial product out there. I did notice a difference in my skin after first use. My skin felt smooth and it took out some of the gunks, blackheads, and whiteheads out my dirty greasy face. I went from looking like Dr. Pimple Popper’s potential patient to Cindy Crawfords’ potential Meaningful Beauty commercial testifier. Owwws? yeah, it’s that serious. LOL.

What I did notice during the first use, was that I started having a few bumps on my face the next day, especially in areas I never had bumps before, but I think it’s because the bacterias were brought to the surface and then eventually disappears to the land of no return. I also noticed that my age spots/sun spots, blemishes or discolorations disappeared. So yeah, it works for me. Just gotta have to remember to do it regularly.

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