poo pourri toilet spray


The quest to hide any traces of your smelly poop continues! This is part 2 of my poo-pourri review. If you haven’t read part 1, please click here

These bathroom toilet spray is truly heaven-sent. I cannot imagine unloading/downloading without it, hahaha. It will completely give you confidence in pooping from public bathrooms. Just spray on the bowl 3 times and go. As easy as that!


Here are some additional scents that are always a staple in my bathroom.




poo pourri original review

Poo-Pourri Original – This is the first and best poo-pourri scent. It smells like herbs and citrus. Very aromatic and earthy. It works really well in hiding the stink šŸ™‚ and will leave a nice cozy scent in the bathroom.


poo pourri potty potion review

Poo-Pourri Potty Potion – It has tea tree, rosemary & lavender mixed with earthy citrus. This is a very popular and well-loved scent by many. This is also one of my favorite. It smells like the original one mentioned above but with fresher earthy scent.


poo pourri rosy cheeks review

Poo-Pourri Rosy Cheeks – This was a bit hard to find, and I thought this would smell like a rose. It actually smells like earthy floral and lots of strong citrus. In fact, it’s hard to discern the rosy or floral scent of this. However, this is so good at hiding stinks or any nasty smell.


poo pourri royal flush review

Poo Pourri Royal Flush – The best poo-pourri for men. With eucalyptus, spearmint and natural essential oils, this spells men’s cologne. No hint of citrus, but more like a musky, woody scent. This is also good at eradicating any untoward odors.


Arent these convenient? Have you ever tried these toilet sprays before? I really think that you should.


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