ancestry dna the review


40% Neanderthal
20% Homo Sapiens
20% Homo Erectus
20% Undefined

Wait, what?! I need a refund! ASAP!

Here we go again, man’s lifelong search for identity and meaning. You know what I mean, Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity, which means or in other words, “Are We Relatives?” šŸ™‚ LMFAO! nope, not really, and that’s not what the theory of relativity means.

Enough of the crap! Let’s get down to business. I love, I really do, it’s like investigating people in the past, especially your relatives, what better way to train as a private detective, right?


ancestry dna review kit


Apart from being able to search about your lineage, you can also find out where you’re coming from. Enter Ancestry DNA. Basically, they’re gonna compare your DNA make up to different ethnicities in the world and will tell you what really comprises you and explains where you originated from. It definitely answers the question “Who you really are?”.

I jumped on the bandwagon and bought a kit, originally priced at $99 (used to be “so expensive you cannot afford it ever”) but bought it at $79 since there was a holiday promo. They shipped the kit immediately, but it took the kit an agonizing “almost” 2 weeks to arrive. It’s like it went to the moon and back. Perhaps, choosing a faster shipping method would have worked, but instead, I picked the cheapest shipping cost, which was UPS mail innovations. I didn’t know at that time that ancestry was using their services. It’s like freakin’ snail mail, even the snail they used was comatosed. Plus add-in the holiday busy shipping issues, and everything will take forever.


ancestry dna box kit review


Note: Do not be surprised if you haven’t received your kit past UPS projected delivery date. Their estimation is wrong and your kit will arrive soon, just very very slow.


ancestry dna kit review


I finally got the kit and I put in an ample amount of spit. You know what I mean, just read and follow the instructions: šŸ™‚


ancestry dna kit instruction


ancestry dna kit review step one


ancestry dna instruction step two


ancestry dna instruction step three


Don’t forget to activate your code online, save the rest of the kit and send the tube immediately (do not linger, or it’ll take forever, again) with the spit in the mail. Yes, sending it back is free postage paid by

Then the waiting game continues….you’ll get worried, you’d feel anxious, thinking maybe they lost the package in the mail, because you’ll have in no way of knowing where the package is, since there’s no tracking number, and even worst of all, ancestry is not gonna tell you whether they received the package or not.

Note #1: You will never receive an email from them once your kit is being shipped to you nor them receiving your kit. Most probably, they will not even email/inform you when your test progresses to “lab processing”. You’ll have to keep checking your account.

Note #2: You can buy the ancestry DNA kit at for $99. If you want to save a little bit, you can wait ’till they have a special offer usually during holidays for about $79, but expect a slow shipping and slow processing time during holidays.

According to ancestry DNA, the test result will be released in 6 to 8 weeks.



After 17 days since my test was activated, it is now in “Lab Processing”



Two weeks later, after lab processing, my result came in. My ancestry result is, for the most part, what I already expected. Aside from a few “shockers” which still makes me wonder, I wished Ancestry DNA would have been more specific about my DNAĀ lineage. But, they seem to be updating their stuff as more and more people get tested. Well, good to know, but for now, I’d say that when it comes to my result satisfaction, I thinkĀ I am only 80% satisfied. I think it’s better to take your raw result (can be taken from to another site that can better categorize or segregate your ethnicity futher.