Healthier than Fancy Feast, but not healthier than Wellness Core. That’s probably the right way to describe the ranking of this cat food. Royal Canin is more like a prescription-type of cat food. Most veterinarians prescribed them because of being healthy and can be tasty. Those grain-free, pure protein cat food can sometimes taste a little too boring.




This particular cat food is probably the safest you can give to your cat. They’ll love it immediately, and it probably tastes very good, and very healthy. It still has by-product meal, but this issue has been very confusing and controversial. So far, my cats had been fine and they love this food a lot. It’s supposed to make their coat and skin shiny and healthy. The smell is not bad, it smells like their dry food version, and the texture is in thin slices. It says that it has gravy but it looks more like marinated, definitely a lot less gravy sauce compared to the popular Fancy Feast Gravy wet cat food. But, the cats don’t seem to mind.

VERDICT: Buy it while supplies last and still cheap on Amazon. I did notice that Amazon is quite tricky about the price of this cat food. Last month, it was down to $25 for 24 cans of 3 ounces (fancy feast size), and since buying that pack, it’s now up to $33.99 (original price/manufacturer price $35.76). Maybe it’s the increasing good reviews, which makes people buy this product even more, and that’s why Amazon keeps jacking up the price. Another cheaper alternative to this specific cat food would be the Royal Canin Kitten Instinctive. It’s cheaper and very similar in texture, appearance and smell, but prices could also go up anytime soon.