ysl rouge volupte shine oil in stick reviews photos and swatches

Hey All! thought I might wanna do a sample review today because I’m feeling under the weather. (Ows?) My dishwasher broke. Darn. Tried to fix it. Didn’t work. Tried burning it down. Bad idea. So that means back to the dark ages for me. Scrub a dub dub galore. Oh it’s gonna be fun… Anyhoo, don’tcha love samples? I do, specially the ones that are good for more than one usage. At least you’ll really get to try before you buy, right? 

So I got this YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-In-Stick samples, which some of you might already have, and I was wondering what’s the difference between the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine and this? I keep seeing this in Sephora, and though I’ve never swatched any of them before, my first impression was “oh it’s probably like the Rouge Volupte Shines…” Guess what? I was wrong. As in dead wrong.

These YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-In-Sticks are quite different. First, they’re oilier and not necessarily creamy. They just melt easily on your lips like an oil. Which makes sense because these has 60% oil in it. Second, they’re way more pigmented than the Rouge Volupte Shines. Actually, the pigment of these are nothing like I’ve seen before. They’re more of a lip stain apart from being a shiny light-to-medium coverage lipstick. The staining power of these are amazing. Your lips will remain stained even after showering. Thirdly, the scent of these lipsticks are definitely juicier and yummier.


ysl rouge volupte shine oil in stick review

ysl rouge volupte shine oil in stick swatches

N 41 Corail A Porter – A pretty nude and pink-coral shade with a neon-ish undertone. This is such a cute shade. Reminds me of bright sun and popsicles. Also has great staining power and extremely moisturizing. Such great color for an everyday lipstick. 

N 45 Rouge Tuxedo – Deep dark cherry red. Gorgeous gorgeous and gorgeous. I’m usually not a fan of bright red color on my lips, but once I put this on, I was like “oh my, love this already.” Just one swipe of this can leave a gorgeous stain on your lips, and though my lips are naturally pigmented with a mauve-ish undertone, this particular shade gave a moderate coverage that blended well on my lips.

N 49 Rouge Saint Germain – Bright fuchsia with slight coral-pink shade, and also with a neon-ish undertone. This is definitely a complex shade of pink, but I like to think of this as the darker version of N41 above but with more fuchsia on it. I love this shade too, but due to its neon undertone, I feel like I may pass on this one because I’m not a fan of super bright colors on my lips.


Skin Swatch:

ysl rouge volupte shine oil in stick swatches


I am so going to Sephora for these (after I solve my dishwasher issue, LOL) because I am in love with these lipsticks already and I plan to purchase the shade in N45 for sure. Also considering other shades like: N43, N47, N46, and N48. Have you guys tried these? What d’ya think?


Gotta go now, until next time….


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