sephora cream lip stain review


Guten Tag Follks! Do you like the Sephora Collection Makeup? I haven’t tried much, but I’ve been really curious with their liquid matte or satin lipsticks lately. They’re Sephora’s own version of the latest liquid matte lipsticks that’s been making waves in the makeup world lately. They call it Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain. It comes in matte or satin textures and has avocado oil. It is meant to be silky, lightweight and has a good stain. Hmmm, seems really promising, let’s see how long lasting and how good they are overall. Check out my two favorite matte finish shades below.



sephora cream lip stain marvelous mauve

Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in 13 Marvelous Mauve – This is a surprise “like” for me. It is a muted rose mauve that really complements my skin well. Very similar to Stila’s Patina. Also, a bit similar to Kat Von D’s cult favorite, Lolita, but on the lighter rosy side.  I think this would definitely work on any skin tones and a great dupe for the fan-favorite lipsticks mentioned above. Plus, I love how creamy the formula is, and it dries down to a beautiful matte texture that will definitely highlight your lips.


sephora cream lip stain pink souffle 06

Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in 06 Pink Souffle – While I like the muted rosy pink color of this liquid lipstick, I definitely did not like the texture. Not sure if this was meant to be satin in texture but it’s definitely not matte. It feels too watery in my liking, and a little bit streaky when applied. I do love the shade, it’s bright without being too bright and is very ideal for any skin tone in a summery season like this. Also, the dry-down wasn’t that good either as it feels too drying like a normal average lip stain.



sephora marvelous mauve pink souffle review


sephora collections cream lip stain in marvelous mauve pink souffle review


Overall, I’m very surprised with the quality of these liquid lipsticks. While they are some miss, there’s also a lot of hits. For the price, they’re definitely good dupes to those very expensive liquid lipsticks out there. Keep in mind that there’s not a lot of wearable shades in this line. At least when I swatched them in store, a lot of the colors just didn’t seem to match my skin tone. Also, these liquid lipsticks have quite an overpowering vanilla-ish scent, very very similar to Too Faced Melted Liquified Lipsticks and Stila Stay All Day Liquid lipsticks. Although Stila has it milder. 

Have you tried these already?

That’s it for now friendships! I’m off to Sephora, 🙂