sephora play February 2017


Hi Friends! Time now for Sephora Play! February 2017 box contents and review. This month’s theme is all about the “The Soft Side”. Products that we might consider as low key but are actually not like that after all. At least that’s the kind of vibe I was getting at Sephora’s description of this month’s products. There’s definitely a couple of muted and natural colors for the lips, skincares, and a mascara. Oh did I mention how luxurious the drawstring pouch feels? Understated? Hmmm, not really, let’s take a look.


sephora play box February 2017 contents


  1. Sephora Collection Lashcraft Length & Volume Mascara (Black) – A nylon-infused mascara with a unique flat wand to create a more dramatic lashes. This mascara is quite easy to remove and didn’t irritate my eyes even though I had rubbed them several times during the day. It also doesn’t smudge nor clump. The flat want seemed to create a lengthening effect on my lashes, even though I don’t really have a lot eyelashes to begin with. Since the wand of this mascara is on the slim side, I think this would work really well for those with small eyes.

sephora collection lashcraft length & volume mascara review


      2. Nars Velvet Lip Glide (Bound) – Reviewed HERE.

      3.Too Faced Lip Injection Glossy (Milkshake) – A natural shade gloss that’s meant to plump lips with a jojoba-avocado blend. This gloss is not like any other lip glosses nowadays. This particular gloss stings! and depending on your tolerance, you’ll either dive into the pool to soak your lips, or you’ll keep calm and carry on. Lol ???? Me? I did the latter. Yeah gurl… Now? why the heck does it sting? well, I looked at the ingredients and there it is, “Capsicum”. You’ve got pepper in your lips girl ????. The smell of this gloss is quite interesting, while I didn’t sense the pepper trails ????, I thought I smelled a hint of lemon and something else. As for the plumping effect? My lips are quite plumpy and scandalous enough, so it’s hard to tell. But perhaps there’s really a plumping effect there, specially when you might feel like your lips are burning. Ha!

       4. Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence Eau de Parfum – A sensual luxurious scent that embodies glamour and elegance. A blend of champagne, gardenia, orange blossom, bergamot and vanilla. My oh my, this perfume smells like divine intervention ???? , it’s sooo good.

      5. Clinique Pep-Start Hydroblur Moisturizer – A moisturizer/primer that’s meant for oily to combination skin. Also meant to blur imperfections, mattifies and hydrates. Which I agree, totally, but there’s a lot of people that don’t like this hybrid moisturizer. The say that it just sits on top of their faces, that it doesn’t really moisturize, mattify nor blur. While I do agree that it didn’t really blur my pores nor my face, it does mattify, perhaps not for a long time and it does moisturize at least on me. I love the feel of this cream, and it’s quite thick with primer-like consistency.

       6. Origins Ginzing Refershing Eye Cream – This eye cream has coffee-breans, magnolia and of course ginseng, with an S. It’s meant to depuff your undereyes if you’re starting to look like Nemo, thus the coffee-bean ingredient. It also has a luminous formula to make you look more awake. I like the consistency of this eye cream but it didn’t really depuff nor brighten my undereyes. 


sephora play February 2017



Bottomline, I like my Sephora Play! contents this month, but I’m not really smitten at them. I really like the pouch though ???? , and I also like the Sephora Lashcraft Mascara, as well as the Clinique Hydroblur Moisturizer.


What’s in your Sephora Play! this month?


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