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When I was looking for some food bowls for my cats, I realized that it’s kinda hard to find a cute and durable cat bowls in the market. My search went on and on…even finding the right functional size that’s dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe was really hard to come by. Some were kinda expensive too.



cat bowls


Thank God for amazon! I found some cute and really durable ceramic-made cat bowls that I’ve been using even ’till today to feed my hungry fat cats. They’re made by Signature Housewares, which also makes a lot of household wares that any of us can use. They’ve got cute designs and each bowl has its unique and quirky designs that relates to a cat or even a dog.


signature housewares cat bowl


The extra-small size of these bowls are the ones meant for cats. The small sizes are for dogs or could be used for your cat’s water bowl. They do coordinate your house decor or with your any other housewares. They’re sturdy and made of durable ceramic. The bowls are 5 inches in diameter and are about 1.5 inches in height. They also come in different sizes and designs.  The brand also sells their own pet bowl stand, which uses these bowls. The best thing about these cat bowls is that it truly holds up to constant use and frequent washing. I’ve been using them everyday, and they still look brand new, no sides chipped. They’re heavy and they’re slip-resistant as well.


cat bowls by signature housewares


My cat Dodo loves his bowls 🙂


You can buy these bowls at 



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