smashbox step by step contour sticks

Why hello there! this review is quite a picturesque green-themed today, isn’t it? but it’s not only about the greens, let’s talk about contouring. Specifically, Smashbox Step-By-Step Contour Stick Trio. Yep, let’s go back in time, like a few months ago, LOL! when contouring was the talk of the town. It still is now, but there’s all this other craze nowadays and I’m not just meaning about Strobing. But yeah, if you’re a makeup junkie, you know them already.

I’m quite a fan of contouring, although it doesn’t always translate well on my face, but as someone with an “hectare size” face, I know I really need that contouring in my life. Hahaha! I’m serious, LOL. It’s just a matter of finding the right contouring product and the proper technique. One of the first contouring products I’ve tried are these Smashbox Contouring Stick Trio because I like that it’s “stick” or “pencil” type so that I could apply them easily. Kinda like a grab and go type of application.Β 


smashbox step by step contour stick trio review


My first impression of these are the fact that though they’re a “stick” kind of product, their formulations are very creamy. I usually equate stick makeups to pencil-like lip liners and eyeliners who tend to have a stiffer or drier texture. Yet theseΒ melts in your skin and they’re really easy to apply. But as soon as I applied them, I realized that they don’t really work on my medium skin tone.Β 

  • Bronze: Too close to my skin color, it almost doesn’t show. As you can see on the pic above, I don’t really use this color much. It’s supposed to provide a smooth transition to eliminate harsh lines when contouring, but for me, I don’t reach out for this much, as the rest of the other shades are easily blendable to each other.
  • Highlight: Love this shade. It really highlights the features of my face that I want to highlight even though there’s really nothing to highlight, LOL, you feel me?
  • Contour: Also in love with this one. Even if it’s quite close to the Bronze shade, still I prefer this one better because it really sculpts and creates shadows on my face. It’s not too dark and very blendable.


smashbox contour stick review

I love these Smashbox Contour Trio SticksΒ that I usually take them with me during my travels. Be aware that you cannot buy only one or two of them, you really need to purchase the trio to get the shades that you like. Which is a bit of a downer for me, as I happen to only like the highlighter and the contour sticks. But if you have a lighter skin tone than mine, then these would work for you. Also, don’t forget to carry with a sharpener with you at all times, because you’re gonna be sharpening these regularly. πŸ™‚


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