steve madden sweetyy lace up flats


Hey guys! I thought I may wanna share with you a few photos of the sandal I’m currently obsessing nowadays. It’s from Steve Madden and it’s called Sweetyy. Yeah weird spelling for a sandal’s name, right? but this particular sandals is nothing short of amazing. It’s very trendy with today’s love for fringe footwear just like Aquazzura’s very famous Wild Thing sandals.


steve madden sweetyy sandal


It looks like Aquazzura’s but not quite like it. Yes they both have the fringe benefits and the tie-around-the-ankle drama, but this sandal does not have heels unlike the Wild Thing ones. It’s also very comfortable to wear and just think of the ways you can maximize this sandal’s full benefits. See those long laces? Think self-defense, LMFAO…


steve madden sweetyy flats


It’s not only stylish and comfy, but it’s much much cheaper than its Designer counterpart. So far, I’ve been walking with this sandals a lot, and I find it to be quite durable and just really beautiful. Though it might be hard to get this on and off your feet because of its long laces, that lace-up style, and a bit of slippage at the beginning, but you’ll get used to it for sure. Overall, this pair of sandals are definitely worth the money and definitely true to size, it’s great with shorts, jeans and skirts, and if you’re long legged, rejoice! 


You can purchase this lace-up flats HERE HERE and HERE



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