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Favorite Scented Candles 2019 Edit

best scented candles


Hey peeps. In this post, I’m sharing with you some of my fave candles this year. I didn’t get a chance to collect a lot this time because I’ve been busy traveling and haven’t had the chance to shop around that much. Besides, I still have some of last year’s candles to burn as well. Speaking of last year, check out my fave scented candles 2018 edit HERE.


This year is still not over and I might still find some interesting scented waxes to obsess with. I will update you soon if there’s any more fragrant candle worth looking into, or you could keep checking my posts here or on my Instagram to see if there’s any new candle featured in the background. But right now, these are my current faves.


Ikea Candles


There are two scented block candles that I love from Ikea, the LuggaΒ and the Blomdroft which are both beautifully crafted candles with very affordable price points. At 5.99 USD, you’d get three very pretty large gradient candles that will surely last a long time. I haven’t burned them all completely and I don’t think I’ll ever will because they’re so pretty and they make for such a nice home decor. Their scents are not the strongest and though they tend to fill the room with their unique fragrance during unboxing, their scents do tend to dissipate easily. However, for their price and size, they’re definitely worth the purchase.


ikea lugga candles


Lugga – has a light powdery scent, love the gradient lavender, white, and pink pastel shades.


ikea blomdroft candles


Blomdroft – has a nice light floral scent.


ikea skurur candle holder


I also love the Glasig Candle Dish and Skurar Candle Holder from Ikea, both of which are very inexpensive and very versatile to use.


tocca capri


Tocca Capri – Out of all the Tocca scented candles, this is my most favorite because it has a Mediterranean citrus scent that could fill the room pretty easily. The scent lasts a long time even when not lighted and its size is huge. This puts you in a perfect sunset and vine vibe.



nest linen candle


Nest Linen – This candle is the perfect definition of clean. It smells like fresh clean laundry that is not overbearing and definitely not boring as well. I like to keep this candle very close to my clothes just because it’s fresh. I also love to give this to my friends as a gift.


Overose Candles


This is my first time trying Overose candles and I have been so curious about them for a long time now. They’ve been popping all over Instagram and I was really intrigued by their unique names and pretty packaging. I mean, who wouldn’t love a pink scented wax inside a sleek matte-pink glass? I know I do. πŸ™‚ I find these candles to be very long-lasting and definitely worth the money. They fill my room with scents even if I don’t light them.


overose nympholia candle review


Nympholia – what an interesting name for a fruity scented candle. It smells like an orange blossom with a hint of honey and something more. It’s sweet, calming, different, nostalgic (like those sweets you so desire to eat during your childhood), and definitely interesting.


Anamorphine – this is the scent that I probably had a hard time discerning at first. It’s as complicated and mysterious as its enigmatic name. I know I love it because it’s just so unique. I definitely think it’s somewhat floral with a hint of something earthy and woodsy, perhaps blended with lavender as well because of its relaxing notes. There is also a bit of freshness to it and something very very mysterious. This is the type of scent that definitely defines me. πŸ™‚


diptyque tuberose candle


Diptyque Tubereuse – As a Diptyque fan, I still can’t get over the scent of Baies, which will forever be one of my most favorite scented candles of all time. But for this coming Fall, I have my eyes set on this Tubereuse/Tuberose Diptyque candle to burn completely. I love its strong tuberose scent that fills my home.Β  It’s somewhat strong but not heady. It’s got a calming effect on me and its scent lingers everywhere around the house.


As with most candles, the first time you light it, don’t forget to let the candle burn long enough to melt the entire surface on top of the candle for two to three hours. Also, regularly trim the wick to 5-6 cm long to avoid smoke and get a longer burn. Never ever leave a burning candle unattended, and keep it out of children’s reach.


These comprise my favorite scented candles this year (so far). I hope to discover more scented candles somewhere during one of my rambles.


Have you had any of these candles before? What candles have you been loving lately?




Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Beauty/Skincare Haul

Hey guys, in today’s review, I’d like to share this mini (beauty and skincare) haul from the last Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Well, as you all know, the Nordys yearly sale is finally over and it took a long time for my order to arrive. I did order some stuff online and I’d like to show you what I got.


nordstrom anniversary sale haul 2018


Actually, I didn’t really purchase much clothing stuff, as well as some beauty stuff. For whatever reason, I didn’t get so excited about the selections of sale items this year, but I did want to get something as a gift for some family friends. To be honest, I kinda liked the items that were on sale last year compared to this year. Also, this year, Nordy’s shipping is terrible. By the time I got my stuff, the sale was pretty much over. Anyway, the beauty and skincare sets I got were some of the items that took my interest. There were some sets that got sold out immediately but thank goodness since there were several decent sets left to choose from. The sets that I’m about to review might be gone now but you can still purchase the products individually in their regular sizes at Nordstrom or in any other beauty or skincare stores.


bobbi brown shimmer brick sunset pink


Bobbi Brown Mini Glow Set $32 – It comes with a Mini Shimmer Brick Highlighter in Sunset Pink and a Mini Face Blender Brush. I’m totally in love with the shades of this particular highlighter even though the packaging looks really tiny. It has this perfect blend of slight shimmer, with a hint of peachy blush and a bit of bronzer. The glow I got out of this is really beautiful with a natural diffused effect. It’s not too blinding and it’s not too bronzey. Not too pinkish either. It manages to be light enough to make it glowy and buildable at the same time. I love that it really defines the face and it’s very versatile to use. You can pretty much use it as a bronzer, a highlighter or as a blush. You can even put it on the lids. For me, this is a perfect bronzer/blush, hands down, and I’ll definitely look into the larger version of this because I love this so much. On the other hand, the Mini Face Blender Brush is amazingly precise and easy to use. I was kinda doubtful about its small size when I first saw it, but it actually can cover my whole cheek and can even be used as a highlighter brush. It’s so soft and it gives me a nice control when applying my blushes and bronzers. Overall, this is a very good affordable set.


bobbi brown shimmer brick highlighter in sunset pink

bobbi brown shimmer brick highlighter sunset pink swatch

bobbi brown shimmer brick sunset pink


Stila Good To Glow (Liquid Eyeshadow Set) $35 – This set has one full-size shade from the Shimmer & Glow (Metallic)Kitten, and two full-size shades from Glitter & Glow: Gold Goddess and Smoky Storm. I’ve always wanted to try these Stila liquid eyeshadows since I’ve heard good things about them, and since they’re the liquid type, I thought they might be practical and easy to use. However, ever since I got these and had been practicing with the application, I find these liquid eyeshadows to be quite a challenge to use. The application is tricky and they seem to be way too glittery for my taste. The Glitter & Glow shades (Smoky Storm and Gold Goddess) have chunky glitters that are too vivid and too blinding for my taste. Even the Shimmer & Glow (Kitten) is still too bold for my taste, but perhaps using a different more muted or deeper shade could have probably worked for me. Also, the formula of these conspicuous eyeshadows is too fluid that they can be hard to blend. Their brush applicators tend to put a lot of products on the lid, so I guess the technique of using them is basically not to put a lot, and just use a brush to spread and blend the liquid evenly and quickly on the lid since the formula does set immediately. I wish Stila would reformulate these into something creamy, however, being as they are, these eyeshadows do feel light as if nothing on the lids. Perhaps, with more practice, I could make these work better.


stila liquid eyeshadow in kitten, golden goddess and smoky stormstila liquid eyeshadow in kitten, gold goddess, smoky storm swatches


stila liquid eyeshadow kitten, smoky storm, gold goddess


Kiehl’s Fuel Your Adventure Set $35 – Comes with several minis: Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Face Wash, Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream-White Eagle, All-in-One Energizing Wash for Hair & Body, Energizing Non-Oily Facial Moisturizer, and No-Shine Moisturizing Lip Balm. This is an affordable men’s set that will be useful for traveling. I can’t speak for any of the individual products inside this set since I will be gifting this soon, but I could see that this is such a good deal since there’s a little bit of everything from the Kiehl’s Body Fuel line for men.


kiehls body fuel for men


Diptyque Candle & Fragrance Set $72 -This set has three Mini Diptyque Signature Candles (1.2 oz each) in Tubereuse, Roses, and Baies. There’s also three Pen Sprays/Eau de Toilettes (0.2 oz each) in L’Ombre dans L’Eau, Do Son and Eau Rose. I’m so excited about this set, but unfortunately, this won’t be mine since this will be gifted soon as well. I also prefer to have my Diptyque candles in large sizes so I could burn them for a long time. I did manage to sniff the Pen Sprays and OMG, they’re awesome! My first impression with L’Ombre dans L’Eau is that it smells pretty much like the Baies Candle, and Do Son has a Jasmine-ish scent, which smells kinda strong at the beginning, then it fades nicely into a light floral scent. Eau Rose has a light rose scent reminiscent of Rosa Mundi. Overall, the candles and pen sprays in this Diptyque set are perfection.


diptyque candle and fragrance set: baies, roses, tubereuse, do son, eau rose, L'Ombre dans L'Eau


That’s it, you guys. I’m pretty much satisfied with the stuff I bought from this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, even though I didn’t really buy a lot. I wish Nordy will improve their shipping next year and will have better selections of sale items as well. I’m looking forward to finding some exciting and unique deals next year. ‘Till then.




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