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Need help with skin moisturization? because Baby It’s Cold Outside and you don’t want your skin to be all cracked, itchyย and dry.ย I swear, dry cold days can be harsh on our skin apart from not seeing the sun for a while. Sigh… Anyways, fear not! because I have a few product recommendations for y’all that’ll bring back that supple skinย you’ve always enjoyed. These products are made by L’occitane. They’re known for the Shea Butter ingredients in their products which moisturizes and heals dry skin.

Now, pronounceย “L’occitane”. Ha! I could barely even spell it, even more so pronounce it. I’ve heard a couple of folks say “Lok-chi-tah-nay” (Italian?) hmmm. Some say “lok-si-tain” (American?). Others would say “el-ok-si-tain” (Hahaha). Duh! whatevs! But here’s what I got from my research. It’s French, so therefore, moreover, and furthermore, ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s “lok-si-tahn”. Not, “look-she’s-tanned!” Hahaha, enough of that, we’re here to talk about my favorite products from L’occitane and not how to say it, right? These products are very timely because of the chilly days we’re having today.


Here we go:


Shea Butter Liquid Hand Soap (Verbena):

– This detergent-free cleanser is ideal for dry to sensitive skin. The scent is heavenly, like a fresh lemon/citronella and has an aloe-extract. In fact, I like this scent a lot better than the Lavender one. Also, I like this hand soap muchย because it doesn’t irritate my handsย which usually suffers from dryness during winter. FYI, I have been using this hand soap for almost 7 years now and Iย usually just purchase the refillย whichย has aย slightly lower price than the ones that comes with the pump container. The refill typically lastsย about 2 months on me.


loccitane liquid hand soap verbena




Shea Butter Hand Cream:

– The best-selling product of L’occitane, the one that’s made them known for. This shea butter hand cream is truly a life-saving product. With 20% Organic Shea Butter, blended with honey, almond and coconut oil, this creamy and non-oily hand cream is hands down, by far, the best hand cream I’ve ever tried. It feels thick, luxurious and it is absorbed directly by the skin. The scent is clean, fresh and never boring. Most importantly, they keep the hands moisturized and soft. No wonder they get sold every 3 seconds all over the world. Good job L’occitane!


loccitane shea butter hand cream review



Certified Organic Pure Shea Butter:

– This organic pure shea butter is a multi-purpose cream that can be used to deliver maximum hydration on areas or parts of the body that has suffered extreme dryness, like cracked dry lips, elbows, cuticles, dry feet, and frizzy hair. It’s also great as a lip balm, after-shave, or eyebrow grooming. But what do I really use this for? Well, can you guess it right? As a makeup base. Either as a moisturizer or as a primer. I even mix a bit of this together with my favorite matte liquid foundations so as to prevent my face from looking flat like a freshly baked ciabatta bread. LOL! But yeah, this is really great to add a natural, dewy and subtle luminosity on the face. Just be careful not to put a lot, or else you’ll look very oily.


loccitane certified pure organic shea butter


What d’ya think of these? Have you tried them? What are your favorite products from L’occitane?


Happy Wednesday! Stay warm.

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