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Happy Labor Day guys! I just love holidays! How have you been spending this long weekend? I wish all weekends are like this, we all do, right? Oh I can’t wait for the next holiday ūüôā start counting… ¬†But labor days are no exception for¬†me to share with you a summary of my favorite facial illuminators or highlighters. Remember the review I did with one of my favorite contouring products? it’s HERE. ¬†But today let’s talk about Strobing. Contouring is quite more difficult to do than Strobing. Though both follows the same concept of light manipulation and emphasis, but contouring is kind of a thing in the past, yet it’s still there, but strobing is much easier to do. You just need to have a facial luminizer/highlighter and know where and how to apply it properly, and you don’t need to put¬†a lot of it. I also think with proper application, strobing gives a more natural look than contouring.


Here’s my favorite Strobing Products or Face Illuminators:


benefit girls meets pearl nars orgasm tarte smooth operator amazonian clay illuminator


               1. Nars Orgasm Illuminator: Peachy pink with shimmer. Just like its popular blush counterpart, this equally-famous multi-functional illuminator works on any skin tone and it makes skin really luminous.

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†2. Benefit Girl Meets Pearl: Pearly golden pink. Makes skin look dewy and youthful. Just don’t put a lot or else people are gonna think you’re oily

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† 3. Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Illuminating Serum: A little watery for my taste, but it’s a good and mild luminizer for those who doesn’t want a full-on strobing or highlighting product.


mac strobe cream benefit sun beam benefit high beam review


¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†4. MAC Strobe Cream: Another less shimmery but still a great highlighter that’s on the pearly side. Makes skin glisten in a subtle way.

              5. Benefit Sun Beam: Golden Bronze. Another popular highlighter from Benefit that looks like a cross between Nars Orgasm and another Benefit highlighter called Girl Meets Pearl.

             6. Benefit High Beam: Satiny pink. Need a highlighter to blind every driver on the street? LOL, try this. Seriously, this is really bright, but you know the deal, a little bit goes a long way.


nars copacabana illuminator review


7. Nars Copacabana Illuminator: Glistening pearl. This a pearly and quite bright illuminator that’s packed with shimmer. Quite similar to Benefit’s High Beam but slightly watery with a light yellow undertone, while the High Beam has a pinky undertone. But, for the most part, you almost cannot tell the difference between the two.¬†


benefit girl meets pearl high beam sun beam nars orgasm copacabana mac strobe cream tarte smooth operator amazonian clay illuminator skin swatches


As a general rule for proper strobing technique; First, don’t put a lot. Highlighters are only meant to highlight the parts of your face where light naturally hits. Second, as to which parts of your face? dot on the cheekbones, browbones, bridge of the nose and on your cupid’s bow. Think Gigi Hadid. Third, if somebody tells you that your face looks oily, just flip your hair and say ” gurl, it’s strobing” ūüôā


Enjoy your long weekend guys, Happy Labor Day again! 


Take Care.


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