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MAC Lip Pencil Review

mac lip liners review

What’s Up Folks? Thank goodness it’s already Friday! a time to chill and hopefully enjoy the weekend. But wait, lemme just share you my tiny collection of MAC lip pencils or lip liners. There was once a time when I was so obsessed with MAC lip pencils because I was  really in love with their wearable and easy to match shades, and my love for these lip pencils were ignited even more when the Kylie lip phenomenon came and the rest of the Kardashian makeup trend. These MAC lip pencils looked really good on them, but the best thing about these lip liners are their creaminess, good color payoff, long lasting, and a few of their shades are also available in lipstick form so you can pair them easily.


mac lip liners review

I really like all the shades of my MAC lip pencils since they’re extremely wearable and I admit that sometimes I use them as a lipstick or underneath a lipstick if I needed a lasting and reliable pigment on my lips, specially at the end of the day. These MAC lip pencils have never failed me and I continue to adore them even up to this day. Plus, they’re also affordable and they come in an array of different shades.

FYI: I would love to swatch them on my lips as a lipstick but it’s kinda tricky and tedious to apply them. Also, these are meant to be lip liners, so I suggest you guys should buy the lipstick counterpart of a few of these lip pencils, just to have both lip products to use and for that uniform lip color.


mac lip pencil lip liner swatches

  • Half-RedSoft Burgundy. Comes off as a matte brown-red for me.
  • Subculture –  Underground Pink. A great pair to any nude lip color.
  • WhirlDirty Rose. Rumored to be Kylie J’s lip color. (Though she has her own line of lip products.) Also comes in lipstick form.
  • Spice – Pink Cinnamon Stick. Another Kylie J’s shade. It really has a warm cinnamon tone to it. 
  • Boldly BareDirty Red Brown. Great warm-nude shade for medium skin tones.
  • SoarMid-tone Pinkish Brown. Also rumored to be Kylie’s lip shade and one of my most favorite MAC lip pencil colors, the other one being Whirl.
  • StripdownCreamy Brown-Beige. Kim K’s fave. It appears to be quite a medium-brown shade on me. 


mac lip pencil review

As a summary, my top shades are (though I like them all) : Spice, Soar, Boldly Bare, and Whirl


What’s yours? 


T.G.I.F readers!


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MAC Matte Lipsticks Review & Swatches

mac matte lipsticks

Hi guys! It’s Friday again, how time flies…before you know it, it’ll be Monday soon, then the cycle goes on. But hey! let’s keep the reviews coming, right? Today is all about you MAC cosmetics addicts! and yes it’s about lipsticks, again?! Yeeeah… But before we continue, please checkout my review on MAC Satin lipsticks HERE

I adore MAC lipsticks. They’re affordable, the shades are plenty and very wearable, the textures are true to its description, the formulations are great, and they also have great customer service in general. In other words, they’re basically the “no fuss” kind of lipsticks or cosmetics. Though there might be a few miss, but MAC’s popularity is a no brainer at all.

So I did the MAC Satin lipsticks review previously, but now here’s my personal take on MAC Matte lipsticks;



mac matte lipsticks kinda sexy velvet teddy and taupe

Kinda SexyNeutral Pinky Rose. For someone with an NC30-35 skin tone, this shade appears like a nude-coral tone on me, which is what I actually like because it didn’t make me look too washed-out. Just a bit of a coral flush.

TaupeMuted ReddishTaupe Brown. One of my most favorite shade in MAC’s Matte lipstick line. It truly matches my skin tone with just enough hint of muted brown and a bit of red. The formula is also quite creamy and it’s a great shade for those who wants/likes a very wearable brown shade of lipstick.

Velvet TeddyDeep-Tone Beige. Probably my least favorite of all the mattes mentioned here. If you’ve read my previous lipstick reviews, you knew that I’m not really a fan of nude or too nude lipsticks that much, since my skin is quite on the middle or medium tone. Nude lipsticks tend to make me look like a zombie, haha! This particular shade is great for fair-skinned gals, but to me, it just blends on my skin, plush the formula is quite drying.

mac matte lipsticks in mehr so select persistence and whirl

MehrDirty Blue Pink. Pretty in deep muted pink. Ah, love this shade! I reach out this shade when I want a wearable berry-pink shade that’s not too ostentatious. It’s so pretty in matte texture and would work really well from light to dark skin tones.

WhirlDirty Rose. The popular Kylie Jenner lip shade that was once usually sold out together with its Satin sister, Twig. This is indeed a gorgeous rose-brown shade that changes its color intensity depending upon the application. To me, I find it to be the “most brown” of all the MAC matte lipsticks that I have. Sometimes, I find myself applying this lightly on my lips, so as not to look too ghastly.

PersistencePeachy Cinnamon. A gorgeous coral-brown shade that I tend to substitute for Whirl when I feel like it’s too dark mode for me. It’s a lighter version of Whirl, but darker than Taupe. For someone with naturally tan skin, I simply love this wearable shade.

So SelectAnother Dirty Rose. Not really sure about the name of this lipstick, but this is only available to those MAC Select Members. Its description says Dirty Rose, but it’s nothing like Whirl. It’s nothing like the satin Twig either, like some people describe. This shade is probably the most perfect blend of muted rose-mauve-brown I’ve ever seen. Quite similar to Kat Von D Lolita, actually. But to sum it all, this shade is darker than Twig, but lighter and rosier than Whirl, while Persistence is more in the coral range. Now do I love this shade? You kidding me? I’m crazy about it. 🙂


mac matte lipsticks swatches


To sum it all, MAC Matte Lipsticks are some of the best matte lipsticks I’ve ever tried. A few may not be wearable in terms of colors, some may be drying, but most are really amazing when it comes to shades, lasting power and are really worth the money.


Enjoy your FriYay! friends!


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