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Bonjour! Good Day Monsieur et Madame! As you can guess,¬†we’re gonna be talking french fries today, I mean, scratch that, French Macarons, rather. Have you ever had one of these? I’m 110% sure that you did, or else why would it be everywhere in social media nowadays? (hmmm, y’all hype followers! ūüôā ) They’re like those¬†Diptyque candles¬† but in the macarons world, and I’m not talking about coconut macaroons either. I’m specifically talking about Laduree French Macarons. Those cute and colorful round sweets that cost an arm and a leg, but the taste is nothing but delicious.

Oh well, let me tell you my experience about these macarons. The first time I had these coveted macarons was when I was in New York. I mean of course, where else can you get these fancy Nancy macarons nowadays? I know 2 locations in NY, which is in Madison Avenue and Soho. There’s also 1 in Miami Beach. Anyway, I went to the one in Madison Ave. and was super excited because that’s was¬†my first Laduree visit and experience. Looking from the outside, the store is in a posh place in town, with high-end stores lurking everywhere. The store itself is neat but tiny, yet it’s well-designed and it looks very quirky. As I was line, I saw all these beautiful and well-arranged macarons and I admit I was quite overwhelmed yet mesmerized. As soon as it was my turn to¬†the counter, I asked the saleslady which looks and sounds French, “How does it work?” I mean, it was my first time, you know… Suddenly she gave me that weird look on her face, acting all frustrated, annoyed, scratching her head, slamming things around like she’s having a tantrum and completely ignoring me while she conversed¬†in English with¬†her fellow coworkers. I was totally dumbfounded. This particular French saleslady was not only rude, but she¬†clearly did not have the patience to sell. In my head, I was like “girl…cut the attitude…” and was about to walk out because I felt my blood pressure rising, but then I realized “I’ve got to have those macarons¬†darn it!¬†so I figured, if I point here, and I point there, perhaps the biatch will start interacting with me. So she did, in English. ūüôā and eventually I figured that there are different sizes and style of boxes that can fit either 6, 12, 18, 24 etc., of macarons with its corresponding prices. I was like, pardon my French and my ignorance, but there were different sorts¬†of boxes to choose from, with teeny tiny letterings that are kinda hard to see, plus it was my first time. But why she gotta¬†be so rude? doesn’t she know I’m human too? I’m gonna buy the macarons anyway, LOL! ¬†A little explanation won’t hurt, you know. Oh! from then on, I’ve heard horror stories about other people’s encounter with this particular saleslady. Even much much worse than mine. If you knew her, tell her I said “Bonjour Bitch!” ūüôā excuse the wording folks!¬†

My experience in Laduree Soho was way way better. They’re also French, (I guess that’s always the deal) ¬†but they weren’t like that “Barneys-wannabe” saleslady in Madison Avenue. ūüôā

So, I got my macarons, now, for the best part, THE TASTE. Unlike most macarons I’ve tasted which are mostly local from my unknown little town, these macarons have a lot more flavor and have a slightly crunchier¬†texture on its shell compared to others I’ve tried. You can really taste the strawberry if it’s strawberry flavor, and you can really discern the lemon flavor as well. Unlike some macarons that are too sweet, these macarons concentrate on flavor instead. Though they may pack a punch when it comes to taste and flavor, be aware that they are really small. Being $2.80 per piece, you would expect these to be quite substantial in size, but nope. My local macaron shop sells macarons at a fraction of the Laduree macarons’ price with quite a pretty good assortment of flavors and are also tasty. May not be “Laduree tasty,” but it’s good enough. Also, these macarons come in cute and uniquely-designed¬†boxes, which of course, counts for the steep price, but can be recycled for any other usage you want them to. Hint: makeup storage.

These macarons are really pricey and probably are overhyped. But hey if you’re in NY, or if you happen to be nearby any Laduree stores, it wouldn’t hurt to drop by or give it a try, right? Just stay away from that snotty Madison Avenue saleslady. Anyway, here are the prices for:

6 pieces macarons/standard box: $21.00

8 pieces/standard box: (pictured above) $26.00

6 pieces/gift box: $24.00

18 pieces Bonaparte Box: $57.00

24 pieces Pink Square Box $73.00


You can also checkout the Laduree Charms HERE.


laduree french macarons review


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