Hey All! now that I’ve come back from the dead, after two weeks of hanging out at the purgatory, LOL!!!! I’d like to mention to you guys about this places that I’ve been to lately. In fact, I didn’t actually expect to go to this place at all. It just so happens that I needed something quick and fast to chill around in D.C. Yes, I went to D.C., (no it’s not exactly the purgatory), and no I didn’t chill at the White House. LOLz.

I present you “CityCenterDC” ┬áat Downtown Washington D.C. A truly nice little place to shop.




If you’re in Washington D.C and you’re planning to shop, not just visiting the White House, well, I’ve got a great place to shop for you. Mind you, it’s high-end shopping though. So be prepared to “drop it like it’s hot!” ­čÖé

CityCenterDC is a new development shopping area located at the heart of downtown Washington, D.C. It’s not large, it’s 2 blocks of buildings with one passage lane for shoppers to┬ástroll around shops like Hermes, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Burberry, Carolina Herrera, etc… I’ve never really seen one like it before. I thought the entire setup or arrangement was unique. In fact, I liked the way the stores were organized as I was able to find the ones that I was looking for. Not that I bought a lot from there, and also, not that there’s a lot of stores in there. Actually, there’s really not much, which makes your shopping quick and easy. Basically, you’d go, buy and leave. Cabs are everywhere around D.C., so you can definitely expect to find at least one in CityCenterDC.


citycenter dc downtown


citycenterdc shopping mall


If you ask me what’s my favorite shop in CityCenterDC? As far as my experience is concerned, I gotta say it’s Dior. I like their customer service better than Hermes for sure. I haven’t gone to all the stores there, but sometimes they can be a little to uncomfortable. It’s high-end, what do I expect, ya know?

Another thing I like about this place? it’s the decorations! just look at it! pink is my favorite color, and I love cherry blossoms. So if you’re around the area during the cherry blossom’s blossoming time, around spring, you gotta give this place a try.


citycenterdc review


citycenterdc shopping center washing dc


P.S. If you’re not satisfied with CityCenterDC, because you wanna see more, try the shops in Friendship Heights like Chevy Chase in Maryland or Mazza Gallerie which is still part of Washington D.C. If you really want more “super dooper” high end, try the Rodeo Drive of the East: Tyson’s Galleria in McLean, Virginia. It’s all purging with high-end stuff, left and right, wherever you go. ­čÖé


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