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Favorite Travel Packing Pouches and Cases

Hey! I just got back from a quick NYC trip and thought that I’d like to share with you some of my favorite packing cases and pouches that I usually use whenever I travel within the country or even outside. I’ve taken these pouches with me wherever I go and though I don’t take them all at the same time, I’ve pretty much used them in rotation several times. All throughout my travels, I’ve used countless of pouches and cases to stuff my necessities and it has taken me a long time to actually figure out what really works for me and what could actually be the right fit for my carry-on or my luggage without wasting so much space. Finding the right packing pouches and cases for toiletries, makeup, and some other essentials can be such a challenge, and a daunting one, and for a long time I always resorted to Ziplocs to contain my stuff, which is still a good idea and I also recommend, however, there came a point where I wanted some protection for my things, especially the packaging of my beauty and skin products that could shatter. I also wanted something to organize my stuff, and not just shove them in a bag mixed and matched with some other items I own. Though not all of my favorite packing cases and pouches are reviewed here, don’t worry because there will be a second part of this review pretty soon and you will see the travel bags and pouches I especially use when I travel internationally. For now, since I travel within the country mostly, let’s start with my current faves.


truffle travel review


Truffle is one of my most favorite and preferred brands when it comes to travel cases and clutches. Their stuff is well-curated to suit every person’s travel needs – from card cases to TSA-approved clear clutches and jewelry cases, you will always find something interesting and useful at Truffle. But that’s not the only thing I love about them, I find their designs to be very well-made and very versatile. Their leather trims are sleek and minimalist, while their zippers don’t feel weak, and their clear pouches and cases feel thick and resistant to puncture and breakage. I’ve been using their stuff for a couple of years now and they still hold so well. Most of their stuff may be pricey, but they’re totally worth it.

Truffle Clarity Jetset CaseClarity Jetset Case in Dusty Blush ($85) – This case is trimmed with Saffiano leather and it feels robust. Its clear panels feel very durable and its size is TSA-approved for carry-ons. The dimension is about 2 inches in height, 7.5 inches length, and 5.25 inches in width. This pouch can fit a few eyeshadows and face palettes, some eye brushes, one or two face brushes, a couple of eyeliners and some lipsticks. It’s spacious enough to contain your favorite beauty products for a short few days trip. As a beauty junkie, I fit all of my favorite eye makeup products inside this sleek pouch, and yet there’s still some room for more.


Truffle Clarity Clutch Mini


Clarity Clutch Mini in Dusty Blush ($38) – This cute and well-made mini clear clutch is such a delight every time I see it. In fact, I’ve been using this a lot and almost non-stop, whether I’m traveling or just running errands around town. I just put in the beauty and skincare products that I reach out a lot and then toss this clutch inside my tote and I’m good to go. This is so handy and is also TSA-approved. The size is 8 inches in length and 5 inches in height. It’s also Saffiano-leather trimmed and is pretty much perfect to carry anywhere.


Truffle Privacy Jewelry Case Mini


Privacy Jewelry Case Mini in Black ($75) – One of the latest additions by Truffle and I fell in love with this case the first time I saw it. It’s made of Saffiano leather on the outside and it has a felt velvety interior lining. It also has a leather slip pocket with a removable drawstring pouch. The height is about 3 inches, with a length of 5.5 inches, and 3.5 inches in width. I’ve always wanted something like this to store and protect the jewelries I take with me when I travel, and also the ones I might buy during my trips. To me, this case is so useful and so versatile. Sometimes, if it occupies too much space in my carry-on or in my bag, I just take the removable pouch with me and put it inside my tote or purse.


Truffle Clarity Pouch Small review


Clarity Pouch Small ($40) – This pouch is so easy to use and it can hold more than it actually looks. It has a 2-inch wide expandable bottom and it can sit upright. Its overall size is 9 inches in length, 7 inches in height and 2 inches in width. It’s TSA-friendly for carry-ons and can fit a travel-size lotion, mini shampoo, and conditioner or travel bottles, and a mini hair styling product.

Glossier Pink Bubble Pouches review

Glossier Pink Bubble Pouches (free when you buy Glossier products) – If you’re tired of packing your essentials in the usual Ziploc which really doesn’t protect anything that may shatter, then I really suggest that you collect a few of these. For me, these are still my favorite easy to use travel pouches that can actually protect your skincare or makeup favorites that are contained in heavy glass packaging since these have bubble cushions inside. Also, these look really cute and sleek, plus you can get them for free when you buy some Glossier items. You’ll usually get a large pouch free if you purchase their lotions and body products or any large items, and since it’s large, I could fit my electric toothbrush in it plus its charger. The size is 10.25 inches length and 9 inches in height, plus it can fit a lot of stuff. The smaller size which you’ll get if you buy their lipsticks and glosses or some other small products is about 8.5 inches in length and 7 inches in height. It can fit some beauty and skincare essentials but try not to overfill it since the plastic zip can be weak.


Tory Burch Robinson Small Makeup Bags


Tory Burch Robinson Small Makeup Bags in Pink and Black ($98) – These are the slightly older style of Tory Burch’s Robinson makeup pouches. They’re pretty much sold out nowadays, but there is a very similar and updated style available at, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and Shopbop at the same price. These pouches have a flat bottom and their size is about 5 inches in length, 4 inches in height, and 3 inches in width. I love the look of these, they’re really cute and since they’re quite small, they can fit anywhere and everywhere, which makes them so convenient to carry. However, as cute as they are, they can only carry a limited number of items, and they have to be very small or else the pouch won’t close. So, most of the time, I only put a mini Tom Ford lipstick, a small face mist like Omorovicza’s Queen of Hungary, sometimes a mini eyeliner, or a Dior Lip Glow, and I could barely fit my Dior Dreamskin Cushion in it.


Anya Hindmarch In-flight Case in BlushAnya Hindmarch In-flight Case reviewAnya Hindmarch In-flight CaseAnya Hindmarch In-flight Case in blush


Anya Hindmarch In-flight Case in Blush ($275-$285) – Another favorite makeup case of mine is this by Anya Hindmarch. I’ve always wanted this for a long time but it’s so pricey. When I finally did pull the trigger on this, I was glad that I did because this pretty much organizes and stores my favorite makeup products for traveling, and it can fit a lot. It’s leather trimmed with two sides/zipped compartments, one is labeled for “take off” and the other is labeled “touch down”, basically for that quick touch-ups when you land. The only thing that sorta surprised when I got this case was that I found the clear panels to be quite thin, much thinner than Truffle’s and I’m not sure about TDE’s version (that I have to try), but so far, this has held up so well, so no worries. The touch down compartment has an elastic holder to hold a few small bottles or any items in place. But I never stored any bottles on this side, I just put some facial masks in it like the ones you see in the photo (these masks are so cheap and so fun to use-available at Amazon) and other skincare and makeup samples I may wanna try during my trip. The take off compartment can fit a lot like you could potentially fit two to three face and eyeshadow palettes, two compacts, some face brushes, a couple of lipsticks, mascaras, eyeliners, travel perfumes, concealers, foundations, setting sprays, etc. I’ve taken this makeup case everywhere and have gone through TSA security without any problem. The overall size of this case is 4.7 inches in width, 9 inches in length, and 3.5 inches in height. I got mine at Neiman Marcus but it’s currently sold out everywhere, though you may still find this at Net-A-Porter, Nordstrom, and of course at

sephora travel bags pouches

Sephora Collection The Gallivanter Clear To Go Bags – These were the cheap clear travel set pouches (3 bags) from Sephora that is already sold out nowadays, but a similar version is HERE. I like these pouches a lot because they’re very roomy and of course, they’re clear. They may not protect the delicate stuff but here I can put my toiletries, extra makeup, and skincare, plus some vitamins and supplements. The largest bag size which is labeled for toiletries can fit a lot, it’s about 10 inches in length and 8 inches in height. The medium size labeled for makeups is 9 inches in length and 6.25 inches height. The smallest named touch ups is 8 inches length and 5 inches in height. These clear bags are so easy to open, has robust zippers, and can fit lots of stuff, so far they held well with my travels even though my kitties attempted to bite their corners. LOL.



Have you traveled lately? Which pouches and cases have you used?



Samples of The Week: Fresh, Dior, Tarte, Sunday Riley, Tory Burch & Burberry

Good day folks! Here’s another set of samples that I’ve been testing for this week’s review. The products that I’m about to mention are truly great, and most of them are worth having in regular sizes. There’s a lip treatment, a nourishing moisturizer, a scent for men, some lip swatches and a blush. I don’t remember where I got each sample, but I’m pretty sure most of them are from Sephora, and some may be from Nordies, if I’m not mistaken. So, without further ado, let’s start the review.


Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Lavande, Burberry mr Burberry eau de toilette, tarte Amazonian clay 12-hr blush paaarty, Sunday Riley ceo moisturizer, dior rouge dior matte finish lipsticks, fresh sugar lip treatment perfecting wand



fresh sugar lip treatment perfecting wand review

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Perfecting Wand (0.1 oz: $24) – A lip treatment/exfoliator that smells or tastes like mango with lemon. It has loofah oil, cupuaçu and mango butter for moisturization, with black currant and grapeseed oil as antioxidants. This lip treatment has tiny sugar particles that’s meant to scrub and exfoliate the lips with its silicone or rubber-like wand applicator. Great for using every day and also as a lip conditioner at night. Though I didn’t notice much exfoliation with this lip treatment, I love that it keeps my lips moisturized overnight and it prevents my lips from drying even more. The silicon applicator feels great when massaged onto the lips, but it doesn’t necessarily exfoliate. The overall formula is great, it’s thick and it works very well if you are prone to dry chapped lips, though I think there could be some other products that may work just the same for a much lesser price tag.


rouge dior matte lipsticks

Dior, Rouge Dior Lipsticks, Matte Finish (0.12 oz: $35 ) – These are a few sample shades of the latest Rouge Dior Matte Lipsticks. The formula is extremely matte and slightly drying, but long wearing for about 6-8 hours. The bubblegum/cotton candy scent can be a hit or a miss for some, but I actually like it a lot. There’s different shades in this particular finish and they seem to be wearable and quite pretty. Out of all the 4 shades swatched below, I like the 772 Classic Matte shade because it’s the most wearable shade of all. Delicate matte is too nude for me, 787 Exuberant Matte is too bright for a pink, more like an electric/neon pink, while 999 Matte is also good, but it’s too bright of a red for me. A fiery red that’s almost red-orange in tone.


dior rouge dior matte finish lipsticks lip swatches

Rouge Dior Matte Lipsticks swatches




tarte amazonian blush

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Paaarty (0.2 oz: $29) – Got this as a birthday gift from Sephora. I love shade of this sun-baked blush. It’s soft and wearable for a natural daytime look. It gives a subtle flush on the cheeks and it stays on for a long time. Don’t worry, this won’t make you look like Pikachu. LOL.


Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Paaarty


Sunday Riley C.E.O, C+E Antioxidant Protect + Repair Moisturizer review

Sunday Riley C.E.O, C+E Antioxidant Protect + Repair Moisturizer (1.7 oz: $65) – Never tried any Sunday Riley products before, and I could say that this long-named moisturizer is heavenly. With a superior and highly potent form of Vitamin C and some added antioxidants, this moisturizer is luxurious and it smells good, like an orange tart or an orange cream. It goes into the skin smoothly and it keeps it hydrated for a long time. A little too oily or too thick for my taste though, specially in this warming weather. Since this moisturizer has no Spf, I’d probably use this at night. Otherwise, I love this cream a lot and I could see this working well, because we all know that Vitamin C is really good for the skin.


tory burch Jolie fleur lavande

Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Lavande (6ml Rollerball: $29, 50 ml: $95, 100 ml: $125) – A light scent of lavender with hints of magnolia and bergamot. It’s on the powdery floral side and is soothing and refreshing at the same time. Very long lasting as the scent could still be noticed the following day. It’s ideal for spring and has a nice and clean dry down.


mr Burberry eau de toilette

Burberry, Mr. Burberry Eau de Toilette (1.0 oz: $55, 1.6 oz: $68, 3.3 oz: $88, 5.0 oz: $115) – A scent for the modern man, it’s casual, it’s sensual and smart. With grapefruit and Guaiacwood, this scent is simply pleasing to the senses. It’s not musky, but more of a refreshing long lasting scent. I usually love men’s perfumes or colognes and this one is really good. Slightly similar to Hugo Boss Perfumes, but this one is more irresistible.


tarte blush, dior rouge matte, Sunday Riley c.e.o moisturizer, fresh sugar lip treatment perfecting wand, mr Burberry eau de toilette, tory burch lavande


Verdict: I love this week’s samples a lot. If I have to buy them in full sizes, I’d say, I’ll probably purchase the Sunday Riley C.E.O Moisturizer, Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Lavande, Mr. Burberry Eau de Toilette para mi esposo, a couple of Rouge Dior Matte Lipsticks in shades of my choosing, and perhaps a few of Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hr Blushes.


Whatcha Think?


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Sephora Play January 2017 Box Review

whats in sephora play january 2017


Hey it’s January 2017 and it’s Sephora Play time! This first month of the year’s box is hands down probably the best Sephora Play box I’ve ever received, and I’ve heard that others are also singing the same tune.

What I like about this month’s items are the fact that they’re completely new to me and that the products came in decent sizes. They also seem to be unique and exciting to try. With this month’s theme: Sweat Is Just Another Way To Glow, this January 2017 Sephora Play contents are meant to freshen you up pre or post workout. Yet the products can also be very versatile for anybody who’s always on the go.


 sephora play january 2017 box review


  1. Tarte Frxxxtion Stick: A very interesting and unique cleanser stick with a dark purple/charcoal-like color. It has a gel-like grainy consistency that you can swipe directly onto wet/damp skin, then massage, lather and rinse the face for that well-cleaned skin. You can even use it as a facial mask. Don’t worry, the clayish color will completely wash away after thorough cleansing. Ain’t that a keeper?
  2. It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream Spf 50+ (Medium): A medium to full coverage makeup foundation with broad spectrum Spf plus some skin-loving ingredients. It can be used as a moisturizer, a serum or even as a tinted sunscreen. Personally, I find this to be quite similar to Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, especially the scent. This cc cream indeed has very good coverage, very moisturizing, and doesn’t settle into fine lines. It also makes the skin look glowy and the medium shade is the exact match for my skin tone. Will definitely be buying this in a full size.
  3. Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream: This whipped-consistency moisturizer is made of 6 African oils. It is very hydrating but it smells a bit like the noodle in ramen noodle, sans seasoning.
  4. Tory Burch Love Relentlessly Perfume: A floral scent that you can’t get enough of. It is flirty, fun, feminine, fresh and tender. It has slight traces of patchouli and some other stuff, but why do I feel like I’ve sniffed this type of scent before? Perhaps Viktor and Rolf’s Flowerbomb?
  5. Ouai Treatment Masque: A completely unique hair mask that you need to apply and leave on your hair for 5-10 minutes before showering. It restores moisture and is meant to prevent future hair damage. The problem is, judging from the size of the container I got and the amount of contents inside it, I couldn’t really tell the difference. There is about 1/4 of product inside the container and its consistency feels somewhat watery. On top of that, my hair is very long, but this mask worked decently on me. My hair was neither too oily nor too dry.
  6. Clinique Almost Lipstick (Black Honey): Almost a lipstick but not quite like it yet. It’s more of a lip sheer or a tinted lip balm, reminiscent of YSL Rouge Volupte Oil in Stick 48 Smoking Plum, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Bonheur and Dior Rouge Baume. I really like the texture of this “almost lipstick” because it feels smooth on the lips and is also very lightweight. P.S. I love the Black Honey shade. 


sephora play january 2017 contents


I really wish that next month’s box will be just as good as these. Fingers crossed. How ’bout you? Have you gotten your Sephora Play box already? What’s in it? Spill…


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