tarte creamy lip paint review


Hello Friends! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! If you haven’t been tired of my constant matte liquid lipsticks review, which I hope not, let’s talk about Tarte Cosmetics Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint. These matte liquid lipsticks are also the ones that are popular on the market nowadays. They are well-pigmented, lightweight and moussey. They also have a wide variety of wearable colors to choose from and the menthol-ish scent and flavor is just refreshing and wonderful. It’s definitely not your typical vanilla/chocolate-scented/flavored matte liquid lipstick type that’s been flooding the market lately.


Here’s three of my favorites:



tarte creamy lip paint swatches



tarteist namaste


Namaste: Nude. This is a great all around nude for mostly any skin tone. It might make a medium or dark toned skin tone to look slightly washed out, but just be careful to put concealer on your lips, to be able to pull off that great edgy nude lip color look.


tarteist tbt


Tbt: Mauve with a brown undertone. A great wearable color for those who doesn’t want a nude color yet also doesn’t want a dark overpowering color. Something in between that can give you that enough flush on the lips without looking too much. This is my most favorite color of all the Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paints, since it is very complementing on my skin. Similar products are Kat Von D’s Lolita or Lolita II, Anastasia’s Dusty Rose and Too Faced’s Sell Out.


tarteist fomo


Fomo: Mauvewith a fuchsia/pink/purple undertone. This was once available only to Sephora’s VIB Rouge members, but it is available in Ulta without a special membership. Lately, upon checking Sephora, this particular color is now available without being a VIB Rouge member, so you can definitely purchase this without any hassle. This shade is also in the mauve family, but has the pink undertone and can appear too pigmented on the lips. However, it is still very wearable and really gorgeous on medium to dark skin tones.


Verdict: I love the shades and the creamy lightweight formula of these Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paints. I also love the menthol scent or taste. I think that’s a breath of fresh air compared to other matte liquid lipsticks out there who tends to have the same flavor/taste over and over again. What I don’t like is that these matte liquid lipsticks are not that long wearing, since they’re too moisturizing. So they tend to be sticky on the lips and they transfer a lot. They don’t dry as matte as the other true matte liquid lipsticks out there. They’re quite similar to Buxom’s Wildly Whipped or even Too Faced’s Melted Liquified and Melted Chocolate, but definitely not like Too Faced’s Melted Matte. That might be some points you need to consider before buying them.


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