Don’t cha just love Tiffany? that fancy and fine jewelry that we all covet for regardless of the content? Any hearts would skip a beat or might as well go into cardiac arrest if presented with that gorgeous, delightful, mint greenish-blue box crowned with a crisp white ribbon.


the tiffany and co signature blue box

photo courtesy of Tiffany & Co

One of the most beautiful collection that Tiffany collaborated with is from renowned jewelry designer and daughter of the famous Spanish painter, Pablo Picasso. Her name is Paloma Picasso. A very talented and creative woman, who, like her father, knows art and added her own style to every jewelry she created. According to Tiffany, she captured the world’s attention for her bold and original style. Also known to make jewelries with a unique blend of European sophistication and exotic influences. I couldn’t agree more.

paloma picasso tiffany and co

photo courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

The Luce Pendant is no different. Its unique, complicated yet simple and minimalist design will capture your heart and mind. Never knew someone can create a jewelry as different and as sophisticated as this.

paloma picasso venezia collection

The Luce design is inspired by Venice’s grand hanging lanterns and their fluid spiral patterns.

paloma picasso luce pendant

tiffany paloma picasso luce pendant necklace

tiffany paloma picasso venezia collection luce design

Love the nice little engraving. In reality, it’s too small to see or even read the Tiffany & Co. engraving on this necklace, but they did it, and it’s so amazing.

paloma picasso luce necklace

According to Tiffany, “Paloma captured the ornamented lanterns’ spiral patterns in boldly scaled pendants (and earrings) that spin and sway with every movement. Now, Ain’t that pretty?

tiffany blue box paloma picasso venezia collection

tiffany paloma picasso luce design review

If you’re interested, you can buy this necklace here