They called it The rich old lady lipstick, The grandmotherly lipstick, The lipstick for people who want to waste their money, The lipstick you shouldn’t buy because it’s so hyped and will definitely drain your wallet, yet it’s also the lipstick some people swear-by. Is it because it’s high end? because it really has good quality? because it’ll transform your lips into some kinda Megan Fox-ish??

Hmmm, lemme find out… I got curious, what’s all the fuss with Tom Ford lipsticks?!


tom ford lip color


For $52 plus tax, these lipsticks are not cheap. That’s why I can only afford two, and that’s why you need to choose the colors wisely, Like next year’s Presidential Election, listen, choose wisely!!!! LOL, just kidding, no politics here 🙂


tom ford lip color review
L: So Vain, R: Pussycat


These lipsticks come in gorgeous, sorta heavy and shiny packaging. So yeah, there’s goes probably 1/4 of what you’re paying for these. But it’s pretty, I swear, really pretty, cross my heart and cross my feet 🙂 . You would want to carry these in your bag. I picked these two colors since they seem to complement my NC30 skin (could be NC25 if I didn’t drink enough blood, joke! hello Dracula 😉 ) I also wanted to try a lip color (So Vain) and a lip color matte (Pussycat) just to see the difference.


tom ford lip color so vain

tom ford so vain lip color

Tom Ford Lip Color So Vain – This is like Tom Ford’s standard lipstick. It’s not matte and it’s not too glossy either. It appears quite shimmery and brownish on the package, but looks kinda slightly mauvish brown on my pigmented baboon lips, hahaha. Yes it’s true, and what’s true also is that the glitter didn’t really show much on my lips, and if it does, it didn’t seem to bother me, it’s like it has the right amount of glitter without looking too gaudy. I noticed how smooth the application was, and how beautiful the color is. Girl, I’m telling ya, I dunno what To m Ford put in here ( I’m hearing Soja Seed Extract, Brazilian Murumuru Butter, and Chamomilla Flower Oil, don’t know what are those) but it’s soo good. I am really loving this color, so wearable and feels very light, yet very creamy. The only downside? it doesn’t really last that long, probably around 2-3 hours of continuous gossiping, LOL, I mean chitchatting, 🙂 but if you’re eat with it, expect it to vanish without a trace.


tom ford lip color in pussycat tom ford pussycat lip color review matte

Tom Ford Lip Color Matte Pussycat – I wasn’t really sure about this color at first, but I knew I’ve got to try the lip color in matte version, and I also knew that there’s not much color options in Tom Ford’s Lip Color Matte department. So I pulled the trigger with this. Guess what? I didn’t regret it. It’s probably the best matte lipstick I’ve ever tried, specially when it comes to texture. it’s so easy to apply, give its matte formula, and the color isn’t tacky either. It’s kinda mauve-pink that but since it’s matte, it just kinda blends on your lips. It’s not drying either and it definitely lasts longer than Tom Ford’s Lip Color line. I would say it has a staying power of 4-5 hours, but after eating, well, expect only a stain. This definitely could rival all the liquid lipsticks out there.


tom ford lip color so vain pussycat


Overall, I really love these lipsticks, if only they’re cheaper. It’s kinda a bummer since I don’t think they really lasts that long, but I don’t think there’s any lipsticks as such. If they can invent a lipstick that can last like a nail polish, I’m in! but hey, let’s get real. I truly love the texture, easy glide and all, love the gorgeous colors, and loves it even more because it feels lightweight and has no taste or smell. Plus the packaging is luxe. In a scale of 1-10, (1 being the worst, off course, 10 being the best) I’d give it an 8.5. The only thing that could rival these lipsticks, is probably Marc Jacobs’ Lip Creme.. reviews on that coming…

Meanwhile,  you can buy the Pussycat Lip Color Matte here  and So Vain Lip Color here