tom ford lipsticks review


Here it is! the long coveted and always sold out in most Tom Ford beauty counters, the Tom Ford Lips and tomBoys lipstick review. I have always love Tom Ford lipsticks. It’s one of the most luxurious lipsticks ever, and when I heard that he had released the clutch-sized Lips and Boys, I was like, girl… Unfortunately, everywhere I went, even in different states, they seemed to have run out of the colors I wanted to purchase. One lady in the counter even said “them girls picked them up immediately when it was released.” Sigh… so I decided the buy them online, but dayum! two of my favorites were not available in Tom Ford’s website as well. Huh!, if there’s a will, there’s a way, right? fortunately I found them here.


tom ford lips and boys review


What I love about these lipsticks is that they’re very creamy and lightweight. It gives a very smooth application and will definitely make your lips looking luscious, even if it’s not, wink, wink… 🙂 They’re also very pigmented like Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Creme, and even creamier, however, when it comes to their lasting power, well Marc Jacobs’ Le Marc wins, at least for me. These lipsticks also come in sleek and gorgeous limited edition clutch-sized lipstick case that looks like the mini version of an original full size Tom Ford lipstick.


These are four of my favorites:



tom ford lips & boys richard

Tom Ford Lips & Boys Richard – Tom Ford’s website identified this color as a “neutral” tone. This is also called “Negligee” in Tom Ford’s original full sized lipstick. One the packaging, it looks very dark neutral pink. Actually, I thought it would be more on the pink side, but when applied, it kinda looked like a warm darker toned neutral on me. It even has a very very slight coral side to it. I noticed some very light brown undertones as well, although barely visible, mixed with warm neutral pink. I love this color since it gave my lips a one or two shades of color that complements its underlying pigment, plus the formula is very creamy. I believe this will work on any skin tone.


tom ford lips & boys daniel

Tom Ford Lips & Boys Daniel – Metallic Coral group. Of all the four lipsticks mentioned here, this is the one I like the least. I didn’t expect this shade to be too shimmery. It’s basically a shimmery mauve color that tends to pack on shimmer on your lips. Now, I’m not a fan of shimmer, because you know the rule; big baboon lips? go with matte, thin lips? make it seen. 🙂 Anyways, this shade would have been perfect without the shimmer, and also, this is not as creamy as “Richard,” the one mentioned above.


tom ford lips & boys carey

Tom Ford Lips & Boys Cary – Also known as Casablanca in its full size. Tom Ford classified this as a violet tone. On my skin, an NC30 to 35, this is not the case. It appears warm pink or sort of fuchsia on me. If it indeed belong to the violet family, well, perhaps yes, but this is definitely on the light violet side. It is the most pink of all the four mentioned shades here. It is also very creamy and easy to apply. In fact, this could pass on as the slightly darker shade of “Richard,” although that one is more of a nude coral tone. FYI: this shade is getting harder to find, specially in its small clutch size. I guess because this was the first shade that was released in Tom Ford’s lips and boys line. In case you won’t find this anymore, try the full size Casablanca, they’re exactly the same.


tom ford lips & boys collin

Tom Ford Lips & Boys Collin – Also know as Indian Rose. According to Tom Ford, this shade belong to the pink family. Yes indeed. Not too dark, not too light. It’s a very wearable everyday  pink that’s more on the bright neutral side. It also has mauve tone to it, but not too mauve as Daniel, the number two shade mentioned here. It also has very very light shimmer to it, but it didn’t really show much on my big Beyonce lips. 🙂 I guess it absorbed all the glitter, hahaha. I love this color a lot, I’m torn between Richard and this, since this is very very wearable and has the same creamy texture. Again, this color is so popular and always sold out. It is also one of the first shade released by Tom Ford’s Lips and Boys line.


Arm Swatch:


tom ford lips & boys swatches on arms


tom ford lips & boys daniel richard cary collin


Now, you’re probably wondering, with all these raves, what’s the catch? since the package is clutch-sized, expect to have very little product for the steep price you have to pay. Also, the lipsticks are very creamy, and I’m sure you’ll like them a lot, so you may have to repurchase them regularly.


Have you tried these beauties already? What is your favorite shade from this lipstick line?