trixie mad scientist for cats review


Meow There Cat Lovers! I got this cat toy that’s been in my “saved for later” list in Amazon for quite a while now, but it’s just recently that I pulled the trigger to finally purchase it for my cats. It’s a cute puzzle toy for cats to solve and have fun. It’s called Trixie Mad Scientist For Cats. Basically, cats will bat on those test tube-shaped plastics (with holes on top) filled with treats, then those treats will fall down to a maze-like catcher at the bottom. The cats will then have to find a way for those treats to be out of the maze in order to eat them. Sounds like fun.

trixie mad scientist for cats assembly review


This toy requires assembly. But don’tcha worry because assembling the parts together is fairly easy and requires very little time. You just have to screw the two triangular-shaped foundations on the bottom of the maze-like square base, facing each other. Screws are provided, you’ll just need a screwdriver. Next, the blue plastic test tubes come in different lids with pre-made holes of different sizes, you need to pick a lid  (for starter, I suggest the one with the widest hole, just for training purposes) then throw in some cat treats on each tube and screw the lid on the plastic test tube itself. Now, unscrew the end of the metal rod for it to go through the pre-made holes on the side of each triangular foundations, straight right through the holes of the plastic tubes. Finally, screw the metal-rod covering to prevent the tubes from slipping and making them secure together. Don’t screw too much or screw tightly or else the tubes won’t rotate. Now it’s time to call your curious cats.


trixie pet products review

My cats were immediately curious about this Trixie Mad Scientist Puzzle Cat Toy, though they seemed unsure at it first, but when they smelled the treats inside, they’re like “Is that a Piñata?” 🙂 So the batting and pouncing went on. Getting the treats out of the maze were a breeze. Eventually, they seemed to have settled on a mutual agreement. Frodo will do the hard work while Gatsby will wait for the treats to come out. Hmmm, somebody found a slave… 🙂  Cats…


If you like this toy, it’s available HERE.


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