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A long time ago, I was never a fanatic of expensive/high-end makeup brushes. For me, whatever is available and cheap will work just fine. But then they break easily, so I ended up tossing them and buying another one. They never really last long, and I actually spent more with time by constantly repurchasing them. Plus they made me look like a clown. Blotchy and all.

I used to be a fan of Sephora brushes and I still am, although after having one expensive brush with a lot of fallout, and my local Sephora’s brush display looking like the war of the worlds, I realize that I had to venture somewhere. Come Ulta’s new line of brushes, the It Brushes. and It definitely is worth trying.

The Ulta It Brushes promotes an “airbrushed finish” that’s great for newbies or any makeup pros. The moment I touched these, I was like, girl, these brushes are legit! These are like Uggs to my face!


ulta it brushes review


On to my Ulta It brushes hoarding! These brushes are very luxe, plush and made of cruelty-free hair. They’re synthetic, so don’t worry, they didn’t have to kill your favorite pet for this. 🙂


ulta airbrush blurring foundation brush 101

Ulta It Brush 101 (Airbrush Blurring Foundation Brush) – This brush is meant to apply your favorite liquid, powder or cream foundation. For me, this is a staple basic brush. No fallout, easy to use with a comfortable grip. It does give an airbrushed finish and feels so soft.


ulta it brush airbrush blending crease brush 105

Ulta It Brush 105 (Airbrush Blending Crease Brush) – This a perfect crease brush that is just the right size for the crease of your eye. It’s also another basic must-have brush that every girl should have. It’s great to use with your favorite powder eyeshadow. It packs and blends on color very well.


ulta airbrush complexion perfection brush 115

Ulta It Brush 115 (Airbrush Complexion Perfection Brush) – This particular brush is as you guessed it, meant for conjuring contouring. It’s very dense and cut in an angled flat-top way which is ideal for following the curves of your cheekbones to create that gorgeous Sophia Loren look.


ulta airbrush essential bronzer brush 114

Ulta It Brush 114 (Airbrush Essential Bronzer Brush) – This a short-handled large and fluffy dome-shaped brush that Ulta says is ideal as a bronzer brush and can be used for face or body. Personally, I think, if you don’t have the 101 brush, (the first brush in this review,) you should get this brush or the other way around. They’re really quite similar, except that this brush has a shorter handle and a larger brush-head, but when it comes to brush cut or design? they’re the same. I don’t only use this as a bronzer brush, but also as a foundation brush. It works great for mineral makeup foundation or any of your favorite loose powder.


ulta it brush airbrush serum foundation brush 131

Ulta It Brush 131 (Airbrush Serum Foundation Brush) – This is a weird but cute and interesting brush. “Only at Ulta,” indeed. It was hard to look for this particular brush. Either this was a soldout or a soon to be phased-out. No idea. What I know is, this brush is meant to apply serum foundations. It has a slightly angled-cut brush head that’s meant to “cup” a more liquid/serum consistency of foundation. However, I find that this cute brush works very well for contouring if you have a small face or as a strobing brush, to spread the illuminator around the high areas of your face, without looking too oily.


ulta airbrush buffing foundation brush 110

Ulta It Brush 110 (Airbrush Buffing Foundation Brush) – This is the flat version of the 115 brush. This brush is meant to buff-in your favorite foundation, for that smooth airbrush finish. I like this brush when I want to blend my foundation with my concealer “more.” This brush makes my foundation smoother and seamless without looking too harsh. I also think that this should be a must-have because you’ll never know when you need to “blur” those fine lines 🙂


ulta airbrush angle shadow crease brush 117

Ulta It Brush 117 (Airbrush Angled Shadow Crease Brush) – This is another “only at Ulta,” which is basically the easier version of the 105 crease brush. This also blends and packs eyeshadow color well but with an angled brush-head that conforms to the curve of your eye crease for a more precise application. This can be used for either cream or powder eyeshadow. I like this for emphasizing a color of eyeshadow on my eyes.


ulta airbrush radiance fan brush 116

Ulta It Brush 116 ( Airbrush Radiance Fan Brush) – This is Ulta’s version of a fan brush. The perfect clean-up brush for any shadow fallout or dusting off extra powder on your face. It can also be used as a highlighter or blush applicator. Personally, if you already have a fan brush, I bet you that you won’t need this one. Any fan brush could work for all those things I mentioned above, the only plus this one has is the softness or plushness of the bristles.


These brushes are available at any Ulta stores or online HERE and they retail for 10-40+ USD. They are what we call investment brushes, and they do last a long time. So far, I haven’t noticed a single fallout, they remain soft and dense and they are easy to store. They also fit well in a makeup pouch. I believe that good brushes (doesn’t have to be expensive) make up a good application. In my experience, a good and cheaper alternative to these brushes, like the e.l.f. cosmetics will do the job. It’s just not as plush as the It Brushes though.


Remember, bad brushes=bad result=an ugly disaster. 🙂




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