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Oh Hey There! I’ve got a question for ya. Have you ever color corrected? Yes, color-correcting!!! You know, when you’re white and you wanna turn into black, or vice versa. Not even extreme tanning, LOL, no! not that kind of thing. Ya know, makeup color correcting, the latest trend that Sephora’s been talking about lately. 

When I first heard this color correcting thing, I thought “What? Is that something a concealer can’t do?” Not again, Oh no! another way to spend money on makeup, this time, a concealer in different colors that can erase this and erase that. I never really believe it because I thought it’s all a hype. I was curious anyway, as I thought “What’s the fuss with all this green, peach, pink, purple, yellow, neutral, color correcting stuff going on?” Hmmm…Lemme check.


urban decay naked skin color correcting fluid green peach


As a review, color correcting means correcting the skin issues/discolorations you have (because none of us were born with the perfect genes, I’m just saying 🙂 ) by using colored concealers that acts as a neutralizer to counteract those problematic discolorations or skin problems. Take it from me, I have skin redness like I have a weird form of chronic hypertension, and dark undereye circles like a raging sleepless raccoon. Ha! Thus I tried Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid in Green and Peach. Lookey above. Why Urban Decay? There are other color correcting brands out there, but I choose Urban Decay’s Naked Skin because they have better reviews in Sephora, plus their formula has Vitamin C & E. Yes, as simple as that.

Green reduces redness, Peach hides dark circles, Lavender balances sallowness (what? shallowness? yes, sallowness means zombie skin, anemic, jaundiced, sickly, etc…) Pink brightens dark areas, Yellow corrects dullness, yes girl, dullness means boring skin. Neutral corrects a neutral face 🙂  Ain’t that weird, right? I could’ve tried Lavender, Yellow etc… but I haven’t reached that full-blown zombie skin yet. 🙂 So for now, Green and Peach only.

Now, the million dollah question is, Do they work? I think so. Do they really really work? Not completely, but they get the job done. Just look at the Before and After photos below. They work and they do their job but if you have the massive forms of dark undereye circles, well, the peach ones can only “reduce” the issue. Although I noticed that I looked more awake after applying the peach color corrector. I mean, obviously, right? 🙂 However, I kinda miss my “Haggard” look. Hahah! The green ones work well in neutralizing redness but you can’t put a lot or else you’re gonna look like The Grinch. 


Anyways, checkout the photos below, enjoy my sallow skin. Goodluck, hahaha!



Grrrh Girl




before urban decay peach color correcting fluid dark undereye circles


after urban decay peach color correcting fluid review





before urban decay naked skin green color correcting fluid


after urban decay naked skin green color correcting