ud vice lipstick review


Hello World! Ready for my last review of the week? Guess what, apart from those YSL lipsticks that I’ve been obsessing lately, I have been hoarding these Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks little by little. I’ve never had an Urban Decay lipstick before, so I got curious and was very excited when they launched their UD Vice Lipsticks in different shades and textures. There are about 100 shades to choose from, and they come is mega matte, matte, cream, metallized, sheer and sheer shimmer textures. To be honest, that’s a lot of lipsticks to choose from. It’s overwhelming, so I downloaded their UD Vice Lipstick App that will serve as a guide as to what colors would look best on you by uploading a photo of yourself and then the app automatically applies different shades on your lips. It was really fun. 

I decided to purchase the colors based on UD Vice Lipstick App’s swatches. Please be aware that the following swatches are only from the Cream, Matte and Mega Matte finishes, since I didn’t really like the look of the shimmers and metallized ones on my lips.


Here they are friends:



ud vice lipstick cream review

The Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks in Cream finish are amazing. They’re extremely creamy, hydrating and well-pigmented. They almost look and apply like a liquid lipstick. Also, there’s no strong scent, and I find that the colors last for a very long time. My favorite shades are: Rush, Rapture, Ravenswood, and Crisis. Wait, wait, wait! scratch that, I LOVE THEM ALL. Ha!



ud vice lipsticks in mattes review

The UD Vice lipsticks in Mattes are a runner-up. At first, they’re kinda dry to apply, but as soon as they warm up on your skin, probably around 3-4 swipes, that’s when the magic happens. They then apply like a creamy yet satiny lipstick. Almost similar to their Cream finish cousin. Additionally, their colors are also amazing, well-pigmented and long lasting. Favorites: Backtalk, Carnal, 1993 and Tampered.



ud vice lipstick in mega matte

My one and only, the lone UD Vice Lipstick in Mega Matte finish, Crash shade. Didn’t really plan to purchase anything in Mega Mattes but I fell in love with this deep red-orange shade. Not exactly sure how I’m gonna pull off this shade, but I’ll find a way, Haha! Anyhoo, the mega matte finish is tough to apply because it’s very drying, you really need to let the formula warm up to your skin first. And also, there’s not a lot of wearable shades to choose from in the Mega Matte finish, but they’re also the most highly pigmented.


In general, I highly recommend these Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks because they have such an amazing selection of colors and textures, have good color payoff, very long lasting, and they’re quite affordable.


How about you? What shades do you like?




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