vc andrews my sweet audrina book review

There was something strange about the house where I grew up. Everywhere in our home photographs of the First and Best Audrina were scattered… – Excerpt from VC. Andrews novel, My Sweet Audrina.


If you’d ask me who’s my favorite author, I’d definitely say V.C. Andrews throughout this time. Her books were intriguing as well as inspiring for me and for all of her fans. Ever since the release of Flowers In The Attic a long long time ago, I became a huge V.C. Andrews fan. I probably had read most of her novels already, including the ones that were continued by her ghost writer. As we all know, Ms. Andrews died a long time ago, but her influence lives on. 

My Sweet Audrina is one of those books written earlier by Ms. Andrews herself. Published way back in 1982 and was a number 1 best selling novel in the entire North America. It’s a standalone book compared to most of V.C. Andrews’ books of family series. However, this particular book follows the same gothic, twisted, haunted, terrifying, shocking and emotionally-charged plots that tends to run on most V.C. Andrews novels. This book’s story is not only extraordinary, but sad and mystifying all at the same time.


my sweet audrina book review


It’s all about the girl named Audrina and the people around her. She seems to be living under the shadows of her dead older sister also named Audrina, which her father loves more than anything else. All that Audrina ever wanted was to have her father’s affection but the first (dead) Audrina is a force to reckon with 🙂  Also, this current and younger Audrina seems to have a memory lapse a la Girl On The Train. Oh the mystery you’ll uncover when you read this novel. Another plus, there’s the antagonist Vera who will make Audrina’s life miserable. Double the trouble, double the fun, indeed. No wonder I lurve this novel.


Lifetime just adapted the book into their film which was released earlier this year, and a sequel to the book written by V.C. Andrews’ ghostwriter is out now, it’s called Whitefern.


If you’ve read the book, lucky you, you didn’t miss 1/4 of your life, Haha! If you haven’t, you can buy the book HERE, or listen to the audiobook HERE. I suggest you read all of V.C. Andrews novels, starting with Flowers In The Attic so you won’t miss a quarter of your life 🙂





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