At the beginning, I had no idea what the heck is Co-Washing, and I couldn’t even care less with Chaz Dean’s Wen Hair Care advertisement on TV. I thought it was oh-not-again-informercial to the tune of Hydrolyze or Hydroxatone. Boy I was wrong…

Btw, What is Co-Washing? for the life of me, I did not understand what that meant. Yeah, I’m serious. I thought… “Co-Washing, what?”  “Is it: A. Co-operative Washing, B. Co-dependent Washing, C. Co-ordinates Washing  (you’re gonna need a GPS for that), D. None of the Above. Obviously, it’s none of the above. My silly brain never figured it out, I had to google it and voila! apparently it’s Co as in Conditioner Washing.


wen by chaz dean

I have been co-washing for almost 2 years now. Yeah, girl! and my hair never looked this good until I discovered the co-washing movement. It’s basically just washing/cleaning your hair with conditioner only. Literally, conditioner only!!! But it’s a different kind of conditioner, it’s a conditioner that cleanses. No shampoo involved, yes no shampooing!!! no “leave-in”ning, no baking, no cooking!!!

Does it work? Yes it does! This product saved my hair. If I had not listened to the commercial (with just one ear) and didn’t connect the dots, then I would have been still suffering from frizzy dry hair. I have long straight hair that needs to be maintained and with constant showering, (like every minute of every day, joke) my hair can lose volume and ends up looking dull. After using this, usually every other day, I find that my hair retains moisture, shiny-looking without being oily (if you don’t put too much) and still feels clean. Shampooing everyday can strip oils and moisture out of your hair. That’s why Co-Washing is heaven-sent.


wen by chaz dean sweet almond mint

Sweet Almond Mint – The most popular formula from Wen’s Chaz Dean hair care. It’s no surprise that they endorsed this scent for first-time users. It smells nice and not overpowering, I barely noticed the almond scent in there. It’s kinda like the one that works for “all” hair types and hair issues. Upon application, the cool menthol feeling soothes the scalp and you’ll be singing Rihanna’s “Where have you been?”


wen by chaz dean lavender

Lavender – I ordered this one because this specifically targets oily haired gals. like moi. If you’re like me, wherein, if you don’t shower the next day, the hair then looks like it fell into a bucket full of lard, well girl, you need to get this. In fact, I love this even more than sweet almond. I love the lavender+spice+weird roots scent that it has. It also feels like it has more menthol in it than sweet almond, even though there was no menthol written in the bottle. Yeah, I swear, maybe they forgot, lol. Overall, this keeps my hair looking clean and dry, even without showering the next day. Yeah…this beats your favorite dry shampoo. 🙂


In summary, use this product if your hair has been exposed to harsh chemicals or if it has been rebonded, relaxed, or colored. Even if your hair has never been processed before, it’s still fine and this product will still work. I’m telling you, with this haircare, you’re gonna like the way you look, I guarantee it. P.S. That’s not even my line. LOL.


Grrrrrh Girl.


Buy these products here:

Wen Sweet Almond Mint 

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