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Hey! How y’all been doing? Today’s a specially exciting review for me since it’s all about the one and only, the instagram favorite, the coveted Chanel Le Boy. But before we proceed, may I invite you to read my Celine Nano review, which can be found here. Now, let’s take a closer look at this amazing bag from Chanel.


Leather: Caviar Vs. Lambskin

This bag is commonly called as The Chanel Boy or simply, Le Boy. They come in different colors, sizes and leathers. The most popular one is the caviar a.k.a cancer-like grained leather, LOL, 🙂 simply because they can withstand scratches, and probably wear and tear better than any other Chanel leather out there. The one I have below is a more sensitive smooth leather, which is the lambskin, or Agneau in French, mon amour. Some people say that lambskin needs to be handled carefully, which is definitely true, but you can also say the same to any other bags that you love, right? Also, lambskin fanatics prefers the lambskin simply for its luxurious, smooth, buttery texture and saturated depth of color, and it is not not as sensitive as you may think, since you can always mend a minor scuff by just rubbing your thumb/finger on the leather.


Hardware: Antique Gold, Shiny Gold, Aged Ruthenium, Shiny Silver


Mine below has an antique gold hardware which I love because it brings out the bag’s deep blue navy color. Also, I love the antique hardware because I won’t have to worry about scratches anymore. Some people like the shiny ones, while some love the ruthenium gunmetal shade, which is basically like an antique or matte texture but in a silver shade, yet it’s not exactly silver. For me, if you’re into the casual look, go with an antique or matte hardware, but if you’re into the flashier side, go with the shiny ones. 


Color: Lots to choose from


When it comes to color, well, it all boils down to your own personal preference. If you like red, go with the red, if you like patent pink, then go with a patent pink. Personally, I think all Chanel boy colors are beautiful and interesting. However, I don’t know why, I always end up loving the shade of blue for most of my bags, I guess because I don’t like dark-colored small bags, they’re kinda hard to see, while I also don’t like flashy colored bags, so a deep blue or navy bag seems the best bet that will go with anything. 


Size: Old Medium Vs. New Medium


If you’re petite, go with the old medium. If you’re not petite, go with the new medium. This bag can be quite heavy because of its chains, and may overwhelm a small frame if wearing a new medium size. However, being an old medium size, like my bag below, there’s not a lot that you can stuff in there. You really need to carry only your basic necessities. But if you’re a person that carries a lot of stuff, because you’re a girl scout and also because you’re a fan of big bags, then there’s no question that a new medium is the one for you. For reference, old medium measurements are: 5.7 X 9.8 X 3.1 inches, with a strap drop of 20 “, while new medium measurements are: 6.9 X 11 X 3 inches.



the chanel boy bag review


So what’s in my Chanel Boy Bag?




what can fit in a chanel boy bag


As you can see, it’s a tight ship in there.



Pattern: Quilted Vs. Chevron


Some say this bag resembles a bar of soap 🙂 while some say this bag is too manly. While I love the aesthetic and functionality of this bag, some people don’t share the same. The same is true when it comes to this bag’s design or pattern. The quilted pattern is definitely more classic, while the chevron pattern is definitely more modern or more edgy. It all depends on you, but for me personally, I kinda like the quilted pattern more.




The biggest challenge that will hinder you from owning the bag is its price, unless you’ve got “money to burn, baby, all of the time.” LOL 🙂 For an old medium: be ready to shave $4700 off your bank account, and for a new medium: it’s a whopping $5200. So yeah, ramen and noodles hello! 🙂




The biggest drawback is the price. The next drawback is the cloth/fabric lining inside the bag which a lot of people hated, because for its price, they want the bag in all leather, ya know. As for me, I kinda think that the cloth lining is just there to protect the leather. Anyway, it didn’t really bother me. Also, the bag couldn’t really contain much, specially for the old medium. The best small bag that can contain some stuff is still the Celine Nano. Another thing I noticed is that the bag is on the heavy side, because of its thick gorgeous chains, and also, because of its chains that the bag tends to be noisy as you can hear the chain moving around whenever you store or pickup the bag. Lastly, because of its price, its beauty, its leather, its brand, etc… I feel like I have to be really really careful in carrying it, it’s almost surreal and untouchable. FYI: prefall 2016, Chanel released 2 colors in black and red in caviar leather, which a lot of people anticipated, yet were kind of disappointed, since the leather is more matte in texture and the hardware is all in matte or antique Ruthenium hardware. They seemed to unanimously say that it looks kinda dull compared to previous Chanel Boys in caviar leathers. So yeah, if those are not your taste, better wait for next time. 🙂


Why I love It: Final Words


The bag of my dreams, took me a long time to have it and in my preferred color. The bag is really beautiful, very classy and fashionable. There’s nothing like a girl in a Chanel bag, even more so in a Chanel Boy bag. While I love the classic Chanels, I think Le Boy is a future classic and can be carried anywhere casual or formal, whatever the occasions may be. It will make you look “put together” by carrying it as a shoulder bag or for trendy casual looks like running around town wearing the Boy bag as a crossbody. This bag is very versatile and is definitely here to stay.


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