Hey There! Happy Friday! OMG T.G.I.F for real… time to chill… but before I’ll go to have a break and have a KitKat 🙂 I want to tell you something about the bag that rocked our Instagrams, previously and currently. A lot of people like this bag a lot and I truly understand why. It’s simple, cute and very very easy to carry. To some, it may look like a bar of soap or a simple camera bag, but to all of us who owns it, well, we just simply love it. Say hello to my Gucci Soho Disco! 


the gucci soho disco review


This bag is one of those extremely easy to carry around, as in “grab and go” kind of bag, yet it can hold some space and even a bit more. What I like most about it is its cheaper price compared to most designer bags, and its functionality is one of a kind. Even if it looks like a camera bag, which by the way is the first to repopularize the “camera it bag syndrome” I find that this simple little bag can hold most of my basic necessities. While this is never gonna replace your favorite “girl scout tote bag,” this bag is great for running errands around town, especially because it’s very lightweight, plus its tassel-attached zipper is just too cute to ignore 🙂


What Can Fit In A Gucci Soho Disco Bag?

Diapers, Closet, Mailbox, Encyclopedia, 2 fat cats, a swimming pool, organs, cadavers, skeletons, play-dead opossum, your entire groceries for a week and I AM JUST KIDDING 🙂


what fits in a gucci soho leather bag review

Seriously, here’s what can fit in a Gucci Soho Bag:

inside gucci soho disco bag

With 2 compartments still available for another small pouch, receipts, candies, notepads, pens etc…there’s really still a bit of room for more. Take note though that the bag’s lining is not leather. It has a cloth lining, which didn’t really bother me at all. Given its competitive price, availability of colors plus it’s easy to find, gurl… I can’t complain. 

If you like this bag, it’s available HERE



It’s Friday Friday, gotta get down on Friday. Everybody’s lookin forward to the weekend, weekend…yep that’s right, take it from Rebecca Black 🙂


Ciao bag lovers! enjoy your weekend!


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