ysl saint laurent nano sac du jour review


Hey Bag lovers! Oh, Lookie Lookie! Today I’d like to share with you this beautiful bag of mine. I am totally head-over-heels for this gorgeous YSL Saint Laurent Nano Sac De Jour bag, even though I’ve had this for a few years now. It was definitely an “I knew I loved you before I bought you” 🙂 moment when I laid eyes on this cute mini bag. It’s an It Bag, it’s pink and mind you, it’s one of those really pretty It Bags out there.



It looks like a Birkin, but not exactly like a Birkin. This bag may have the same silhouette as the B, but it has its own striking style. It’s an open-top bag with its distinctive accordion sides and compression straps with tabs at the back for adjusting the bag’s opening and to maximize its capacity. It also has removable leather encased padlock charm, but really? what’s the padlock for? it’s just for style. Hmmm… But me likey because it’s cute. The bag also has brass feet and gold-tone hardware.



The Sac De Jours come in different sizes. There’s the biggest being Large, MediumSmallBabyNano and the smallest Toy Sac De Jour. The nano is about 8.6 X 7.0 X 4.3 inches. With a removable shoulder strap of about 20 inches drop.



ysl saint laurent nano sac du jour inside review



Comes in grained and smooth leather. Mine is 100% smooth and luxurious Calf-Skin leather. It’s so soft and nice to touch yet quite resistant to dents and scratches. I’ve had mine taken everywhere, around airports and during overseas travels yet it still looks pristine. Sometimes I’d find a dent in there, but the leather seems to recover on its own over time. Maybe it’s Wolverine skin. I wonder.



It’s interior is gorgeous and is also very very soft. It has a buttery-smooth suede-lining and has 1 slot pocket that really cannot fit much stuff, but can accommodate a few cards or maybe a pen. Beside it is a key ring holder with padlock keys (the keys that unlock the padlock encased with removable leather hanging in the front of the bag) that can be attached by snapping its buttons together on the leather.


whats in my bag saint laurent nano sac de jour review


What Fits In A Saint Laurent Nano Sac De Jour?

To answer the question, well, first of all, the bag is tiny and it looks tiny with an interesting but maybe questionable accordion sides, which a lot of people may doubt, but due to its open-top style and adjustable compression straps that you can unbutton at the back (highly recommend you peeps doing this), this bag can be quite flexible. Second, even if the bag is flexible, it can only expand so much. The bag is a nano obviously, so better use smaller wallets, tiny pouches and stick to your basic makeup needs. Don’t put your microwave in there. Leave it to Goyard, LOL. So here’s what fits;


what fits in ysl saint laurent nano sac de jour


  1. A Chanel sample pouch filled with: Marc Jacobs Daisy travel-size perfume, Molton Brown hand lotion, Maybelline Mega Plush mascara, Burberry Effortless Brow Definer, and IOPE air cushion.
  2. Always my Louis Vuitton 6 Key Holder in Indian Rose.
  3. Tiffany Cat-Eye Sunglasses
  4. My iPhone 6 Plus. Can’t live without it. The case can be found here.
  5. Louis Vuitton Zippy Coin Purse. Highly recommend this if you’re into mini bags.
  6. Louis Vuitton Key Pouch with Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick and Minteas Ginger Pear Mint.


*Given all these contents, this bag still has a room for a bit more. I just don’t wanna overstuff it, as I like to pull my stuff out quickly and easily.


saint laurent nano sac de jour review


How’s this compared to other Mini It Bags?

This bag is definitely different. Its lines are simple and classic yet it’s simply stunning. Compared to Gucci Soho Disco, (reviewed HERE) this bag may be able to fit a bit more stuff due to its open-top design, but not a lot. Compared to Chanel Boy, (reviewed HERE) this bag can also hold a bit more, even though the Chanel Boy is more of a rectangular shape. Finally, Compared to Celine Nano, (also reviewed HERE) hmmm, nothing beats Celine Nano’s space and zipper-top closure. But this is a contender.


pink ysl nano sac de jour review


Any Drawbacks?

Sometimes I find myself getting paranoid and always looking down on the contents of my bag whenever I use this, and sometimes I find my hands constantly feeling the top of this bag. Simply because it’s an open-top design and I have this crazy imagination that my things might spill out of this bag. But so far, none of those have happened. The only scary thing is the rain. So I don’t reach out for this during wet seasons. 


Final Words:

This bag is just so pretty in pink. It’s very versatile can work with any style of outfits. Be it casual or formal. A lot of people come up to me and complemented this bag. It is truly beautiful and is never boring. With its bright pink color, this bag truly brightens my day.


Interested in the Saint Laurent SDJ Nano? It’s available HERE for smooth leather and HERE for grained leather.


Until Then, Purse Addicts!



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