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if you wanna read my review about the “other Harry Potter” theme park or Universal’s Island of Adventure The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hogsmeade, you can read it here.

As I told ya, I was about to¬†cross to Universal Studios Florida using the Hogwarts Express to see Harry Pottah Potter’s Diagonally Diagon Alley, and let me tell you, it was really impressive. The design of each building, with its unique¬†architecture and engineering will really put you in Harry Potter’s world. It’s so haunting and quirky that you can tell everyone’s really thrilled to be there.

There’s just a few thing I didn’t like. First, being on a Tuesday afternoon, it was really crowded, with a capital C! it’s not as crowded as Universal’s Island of Adventure Hogsmeade, but this particular park is still quite excruciating to walk around. The streets are too narrow and the stores are so tiny, you’re literally walking sideways so as not to bump on other people’s arm. Like Hogsmeade, this park has definitely been reaching its maximum occupancy. Second, I didn’t like that they were selling/promoting a lot of replica wands, or should I say, magic wands. Yeah I know a¬†visit to Harry Potter won’t be complete without brandishing a wand or that Harry Potter won’t be Harry Potter without his magic wand, but I can definitely tell you that you’re gonna be fine without buying those hyped magic wands. They’re everywhere! kids pointing at things using the wand, saying some magic words then voila! something moves, lights magically turn on. Well, for all I know, they’re just preprogrammed/timed moving objects that Universal plotted to entertain the kids. For kiddos, yeah, it’s fun, but if you’re not a kid anymore, well, just forget about it. Plus they’re quite expensive, specially if you’re buying the interactive wand. ¬†Third, don’t even get me started on ¬† Harry Potter’s graduation costume..

If you ask me which ones I like between Universal’s Island of Adventure “Hogsmeade or Universal Studios Florida “Diagon Alley?” Well, personally, I kinda like Diagon Alley more. Simply because there’s more things to see and I like the building’s design, better. Also, it seems like there’s a lot more things to do here.

FYI: This place is kinda hard to find. If you’re entering Universal Studios Florida for the first time, well, keep walking and keep looking for a weird hidden alley towards your left. It’s gonna be dark and dingy-looking, but that’s the beauty of it. Also, if you want to buy those replica magic wands, they’re available just around there, practically everywhere, and you can use them for both parks.

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