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One very very cold winter afternoon, I found myself taking shelter in a store where I never cared to drop by because like most of you, my first reaction to a Yankee Candle store is “What’s in there? oh, that? scented candles? hmmm…expensive…nevermind…”

Since I found myself cold and shivering inside the Yankee Candle store and I wanted to kill time, I thought “why not look around?” From then on, the rest was history.


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The prices for big jars can be a put-off, yes that can be expensive, but thank god for samplers. Here’s part 1:



yankee candle christmas at the beach1. Christmas At The Beach – This one of my most favorite scent, I guess because the scent is really strong. It’s like a delicious sugary sweet pineapple that fills the room and lasts really long. I believe this was a Christmas edition. So it may be hard to find nowadays.


yankee candle kitchen spice review2. Kitchen Spice – This is the one I really keep in my kitchen. It has a warm cinnamon pumpkin spice scent that’s ideal for winter. Love this for cozy cold mornings.


yankee candle juicy peach3. Juicy Peach – This one is a very very sweet almost orange-like but actually peach scent. Very fruity and smells delicious and fresh.


yankee candle fruit fusion4. Fruit Fusion – I also love this scent, so much so that as you can see in the picture, the votive sampler has been very used, abused and overused, lol. I like that it has an orange-berry mixed scent, thus the name “Fruit Fusion”.


yankee candle beach walk5. Beach Walk – This is a lovely mild scent of sea musk, hint of orange, and the sea? yes, you read that right! It’s fresh and light, light a walk on the beach. Love it.


yankee candle midsummers night6. Midsummer’s Night – Smells like men’s perfume. A heavy musk made for the vavavooooms out there, yeah….guys! if you like scented candles, grab this. Gals, this would be a great gift for your bae. 🙂 Not bad for women too, but try the sampler first.


yankee candle mountain lodge7. Mountain Lodge – Sage, sage, and more sage! with cedarwood, If you have Yankee Candles’ Treehouse Memories, this one is not that different. This has a warm, cozy yet light scent to it. Very relaxing and very comforting. It doesn’t permeate well around the house, but it has an easy feel scent to it. Love.


yankee candle votive samler


So now that you have your candle, don’t forget your votive holders too! they’re cute and useful. Some of the candles mentioned above might still be available at the Yankee candle website, but if they’re not available anymore, try at amazon.com


Check below:

Christmas at the beach 

Kitchen Spice 

Juicy Peach 

Fruit Fusion 

Midsummer’s Night

Beach Walk 

Mountain Lodge