If you have been reading this site, you already know that I love Yankee candles. If you haven’t read part 1 of my Yankee candle review, please read it here.


yankee candle


So, let’s get this candle obsession going, read on.


yankee candle cranberry chutney review

Cranberry Chutney – Yeah I know this votive sampler’s shape looks funny. LOL. Let’s just concentrate on the smell here, ok? 🙂 It’s one of those another “used and abused” candle because the scent is just wonderful and delicious. It smells like pure cooked sweet cranberry relish. If only I could eat this thing.


yankee candle golden sands review

Golden Sands – This one has a mild scent to it. I really don’t think that it smells like sands, even more so as golden. It has light a sandalwood scent. Reminds me of the fresh morning orchids back in the Pacific. Something beachy and summery.


yankee candle juicy watermelon review

Juicy Watermelon – Ohhhh, this one smells sooooo juicy and sweet. Like watermelon with tons of sugar. Just the smell of this can you diabetic (joke). Take note “watermelon” not cantaloupe. That one is pale, this one is pink, including the candle. Oh, I just love the fresh pink color of this thing. It’s gonna be used, abused and overused soon.


yankee candle mandarin cranberry review

Mandarin Cranberry – I can’t quite well understand the smell of this. Perhaps my nose is blocked or I’m already saturated with all these scented candles hallucinations going on. I’m pretty sure there’s mandarin in there, obviously, the label says it 🙂 but it’s a different kind of mandarin, it seems kinda burned with the spice kind of mandarin. I also smell a light cranberry there too, but not so much so. I love it though, it has a nice warm scent to it.


yankee candle pink dragon fruit review

Pink Dragon Fruit – It’s not so much the scent, it’s more like the pretty pastel pink color that attracted me to this one. I love pinks, dunno why. The scent is a very mild dragon fruit. What is a dragon fruit, by the way? you know that fruit that looks like a giant pink strawberry fireball with a somewhat cookies n’ cream filling/meat on the inside? Yeah! that one! I bet you have no freakin’ idea. Me too. 🙂 They’re commonly found in Asia, specifically South East Asia.


yankee candle pomegranate cider review

Pomegranate Cider – This one got the name and scent right! It’s really a cider made out of Pom. I think it’s a perfect blend of not so saturating and cloying scent of most scented candles and the barely-noticed-does-that-even-have-a-scent-at-all kind of candles. I love this and I think it’s great for winter.


yankee candle vineyard review

Vineyard – The color of this votive sampler is very intriguing. When I first got it, it was violet. After quite some time, and perhaps being exposed near the sun, the color changed to violet-yellow. I’ve heard very good reviews of the scent of this thing. It’s actually not that strong, but not too mild either. It has a bubblegum grapes scent which I also love.

Stay Tune for part 3 of my Yankee Candle Collection Review. Ciao!

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