yankee candles reviews


Whaddup Yankee Candle fans! It’s been a gloomy day and what better way to spend the day by lighting one of our favorite Yankee candles, right? but before we start with this fourth leg of my continuous Yankee Candle review, please take a look at part 3.




yankee candle review balsam cedar

Yankee Candle Balsam & Cedar – My most favorite Yankee Candle of all, and perhaps everyone’s favorite and Yankee Candle’s best selling candle of all time. This is just amazing, I literally bought them in the biggest size possible. This scent is so wonderful and so balanced that you’re gonna keep on wanting to sniff this over and over again. It has all the evergreens in it, like balsam, cedar woods, and juniper with some slight fresh berry and forest-like scent. It also has herbs, citrus, sandalwood, musk and vanilla. It’s like the perfect and pleasant sensory-overload. You know what else is great about this? the scent lasts a long time that you don’t even need to burn this. It can stand as a room fragrance alone, and it’s never boring. It’s also great for any season. I. LOVE. IT. SO. MUCH.


yankee candle review coastal waters

Yankee Candle Coastal Waters – This particular candle smells like water and soap. Like a clean fresh shirt, actually reminiscent of your clothes that came out of the washer, mixed with some fabric softener scent. It’s not like fresh cotton, just a clean, freshly washed cloth. It smells cool and pleasant, like a cool “soapy” ocean spray after swimming and tumbling in the waters.


yankee candle tree house memories

Yankee Candle Treehouse Memories – This is like the other cousin of Yankee Candle’s Mountain Lodge. However, this is more pleasant, I think. It has a warm, autumnal, sweet and earthy scent. It’s slightly musky but has more spices. It great for changing seasons, like when the leaves are about to fall and the weather gets cooler. This is my second most favorite Yankee Candle of all times. Sadly, they’re almost out of stock everywhere and Yankee candle doesn’t sell them anymore.


yankee candle island spa review

Yankee Candle Island Spa – This scent is very pleasing to the senses. There’s something sweet about it, but not too sweet that it’s yuck. It smells a bit citrusy with some sweet mandarins in it, yet fresh like the pacific ocean breeze. Perhaps because it also has the lemon verbena, which keeps it cool and relaxing, like having a nice and soothing spa surrounded by deep dark blue seas and white sands. Wink, wink, just look at the picture above and close your eyes.


yankee candle sun and sand review

Yankee Candle Sun and Sand – It smells like sand with a bit of perfume. As to exactly what perfume? I can’t pinpoint the brand for sure, but the kind that has musk in it. Like a perfumey sand with something else, like a bit of citrus mixed with lavender and some fruity flowery scent. It’s still quite slightly musky more than anything else though.


Arent’ these candles gorgeous? Stay tuned for more Yankee Candles review, coming soon…