ysl rouge pur couture satin radiance lipstick reviews photos and swatches


Hi Everyone! As what I’ve mentioned in my previous post a couple of days ago, here’s another YSL lipsticks review that I’ve been working on lately, and I’m so excited to share this review with you all today. Remember that YSL The Mats Review that I did HERE? Just like YSL The Mats, these YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks are truly great to have. They’re extremely moisturizing and have good color payoffs. Also, they’re very long lasting like their matte counterpart. These lipsticks might be pricey but they’re such good investments because they don’t only come in elegant packaging but they truly have an amazing formulation and has an overall outstanding quality for a lipstick. Such adorations for these lippies that I’m in love with almost all of the shades in this line.

ysl rouge pur couture 28 rose boheme and 09 rose stiletto lips swatches

09 Rose StilettoRich Berry Rose. A very gorgeous and creamy muted-mauve and pink shade that will surely complement any skin tone. I love how it adds a rosy shade that’s just enough for my NC30 skin.

28 Rose Boheme –  Dark Purple Pink. Pretty dark-mauve that has a slight shimmer, yet is still on the muted-purple side. This shade is so pretty for anybody with a medium to dark skin tone. Also, this is quite similar to Tom Ford Lips and Boys lipstick in Daniel, but a lot less shimmery.


ysl rouge pur couture 52 rosy coral rouge rose 66 bois de rose 53 beige promenade review


52 Rouge Rose/Rosy Coral – Rosy Coral. Oh the famous number 52. There was once a time when this shade was sold out everywhere, specially in Asia. You know why? This is Cheon Song Yi’s ( Jeon Ji Hyun in real life) lipstick/lip color in My Love From The Star Korean TV Series. There was a lot of craziness for this shade that one of the few places to acquire this particular lip color was in Ebay, at a very high markup of course. But nowadays, this is again available almost everywhere. Now, this lipstick is really hard to photograph as it is hard to wear in real life, specially for me because this shade is definitely not made for my skin tone. For sure, this shade is made for y’all fair-skinned girls out there, just like Cheon Song Yi. Every time I wear this, I feel like I’m wearing a reflective sign on my lips 🙂 because it’s too bright and too neony. I could practically sense my lips reflecting cars and hikers on the street everywhere, LOL! Yet there’s something magical and pretty about this shade, and it’s definitely not the end of the world, so I found a way to wear this by via ombre application and guess what? it works. Still not my most favorite shade of all, but it’s a keeper.


53 Beige Promenade Brown Red. A perfect brown shade that’s so on trend with today’s lip colors. I lurve this shade because it works so well for my skin tone and it gives an enough hint of warm brown on my lips. Extremely wearable and would work for anyone with medium-dark skin shades, plus it’s so creamy.


66 Bois De RoseSoft Pink Nude. This is such a pretty light-brown, fleshy-pink and nude shade that I usually grab for an everyday look, specially during the day. It gives enough flush on the lips and could work really well on different skin tones. On me, this doesn’t appear too nude, in fact, I could see a very light brown undertone to it, that’s why this has really worked well on me.

ysl rouge pur couture arm swatches reviews

(Excuse my “man-arm,” I’ve been training for the olympics, 🙂 )


Alrighty friends, see yah again on my next review.


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